Sunday, February 17, 2008

Ice on the Driveway

We went out for dinner with Sean & Mel on Friday...

On Saturday we went to Greektown for a late lunch at Pegasus. We love that place. Then we went to the DIA (Detroit Institute of Arts). I thought it was a yawn fest, but my husband decided to become a member, so we can go more often:(

We picked up our new rug for the living room, just have to have Deb (interior designer) come and approve it. It is funny because AC will make suggestions, and I say well, we will just wait for Deb to approve it. Then drapes & paint!

I am in need of a new camera. I want a Canon. I currently have a Kodak and the lag time after taking a picture is insane!! I can't stand it anymore. I also do not think the Kodak takes that good of photos anymore. I am surprised the prices for a decent digital camera have come down a bunch. Great News!

I ran some errands this morning. The driveway was solid ice. I decided to get the newspaper and literally slid 3/4 to the end of the driveway, swinging my arms and looking like a total dork. I finally got turned around and started walking back up to the garage, fell and got wet, and still did not have the paper. I basically slid right by it and at that point said FORGET IT!


toners said...

Oh Darcey - I can totally relate about the ice - we have a really thick layer of it under all the fresh snow from we'll all have to be careful or else we'll forget it's even there (until one of us falls on our butt!)! LOL! Sounds like you've had a great weekend so far :)

Tiare said...

LOL! What a story! I remember those days. I grew up in Chicago...but now I'm in ATL. Sure don't miss it. Stay warm and dry!

:: gingerkitty :: said...

Ahh. you tell a story really well.

Benita said...

I wouldn't even let my dh go out & get the paper yesterday until the ice melted, lol. What a mess!

Other than the ice, it sounds like you had a great weekend. Can't wait to see your living room when it's finished :)

Sarah C. said...

I need a new camera too, but have no idea which direction to go. Part of me wants something powerful. Part of me wants something small that fits in my purse. Ah the dilemmas.

Glad you didn't get hurt out on the ice. Hope it's melted by now. :)

Anonymous said...

I didn't know AC likes art.
that's cool.

I hope you didn't hurt yourself too bad falling on the ice!!!
That is kind of funny though, you have to admit.

Love you, Ashleyyy