Thursday, February 26, 2009


I am so happy to report that my sister, Ashley, received her Michigan State University acceptance letter yesterday!! She is so happy and we are happy for her:)

On Monday AC had school and my Mom and her friend stopped by to chat. I couldn't sleep last night, so at 2 am I went to our basement and made a couple trips up to my scrap room with a display. My Mom gave it to my a while back and I just decided a week or so ago to set it up and hang anything and everything I can on it. I have the clip-it-up, but even the two tiers do not hold that much. I need to organize and plan some pages.

We have to go to Costco tonight and after we are meeting my in-laws for dinner. We didn't get a chance to have dinner all together for Gaurav's birthday. Last night I stopped at a restaurant/bar and met AC & his brothers along with Gaurav's 5 buddies as well. I needed a pic for 365, so I got my camera out and said I needed a photo, Amit & Gaurav instantly got together in this pose:

It is funny because they are so used to me taking pics, they don't even think twice about it:)

Tomorrow is Friday! Have a good night and great weekend!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sunday Evening Post

The weekends go by so fast, even with an extra day!

Ashley, Anita and I had a great time scrapbooking on Friday. Ashley & Emily came over on Thursday to spend the night. It was nice to get some sister time in.
Here are some of the pages I did...
I actually used my Bazzill Stitch'z!
I got 5 one page & 2 2-page layouts done.

On Saturday I went to make cards at Anita's...
On Saturday night we went out to dinner with Amit and then saw The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. It was good, but I like funny movies better than serious ones. Hope you had a great weekend. Have a good week!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Vacation Day

I have been keeping up on my project 365, but a couple of nights ago I was feeling tired of looking for stuff to take pictures of. If I take the photo during the day I am fine, but when I don't take it until 11 pm, I have a hard time looking for something other than the cats to photograph. If I was unable to purchase the CK kit, I would probably stop now. The kit really makes it easy to drop the photos in and add a little journaling. I have been using the website to the right (ShutterCal) to keep track of the photos. I did take a photo yesterday, however it isn't working right when I try to upload it.

Today I left work at 1 pm and took my boss & his wife to the airport. On the way back I turned in our company lease car. My company has decided not to lease cars anymore. This didn't affect me, because I did not have a company car. Just another area where company's are cutting back.

I am so happy to have tomorrow off work! My sister, Ashley, is on winter break so she is coming over tonight after work and spending the night. I believe she is also spending the night on Friday. Being a senior, she is so busy now. She works a lot at KFC and my younger sister Emily, 16, is now working at Subway. I am glad they have jobs and are getting a sense of how expensive the world is.

Have a great weekend! Thanks for reading!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Hot Coffee

Happy Monday!

We had a busy weekend. On Friday we went out to dinner and then to a couple of bars for a friend's birthday. We got home at 3 am. On Saturday we went to see Ashley play an indoor soccer game. On Saturday night we went over to our friend's to play cards. Sunday morning we went out for brunch with friends. Not to long after we sat down to brunch I was taking a photo of our friends and while trying to move a water glass, I knocked AC's hot coffee all over the table and his lap. He ran home to change and then we ate when he got back to the restaurant. Sorry, no pic of the coffee spill. The bathroom is almost finished, I need to hang a picture and AC needs to help me with a shelf, then it will be finished. I have to go to Costco after work tonight. I have photos to pick up as well as the normal shopping items that we need.

I purchased a cuttlebug 50% off at Michael's this weekend. I am looking forward to making a bunch of cards with it. I have made a couple so far:I have Friday off and am going to my favorite scrapbook store to crop from 11 am to midnight. So excited:)
Have a good week and thanks for reading:)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Just some layouts from my last 12 hour crop...

AC's knee surgery in May '08

My 30th Birthday

Monday, February 9, 2009


It has been a while since I put a new post up. A few of my friends have encouraged me to join Facebook, so I signed up this morning and it is a little time consuming! I could search for old classmates and people I lost touch with forever! Anyway...

On Friday night I went with my girlfriends to see "He's just not that into you" It was a great chick flick! We all had dinner and then saw the movie. We had fun. AC left on Friday morning to go to Las Vegas for his brothers 21st birthday. & guys in total went. They had fun and got in at 5 am today.

While AC was gone I finished painting the half bath. What a pain painting is. I am so not a painter! First AC painted the walls, he got a little on the ceiling and so I wanted to just cover the marks on the ceiling, however I used the trim paint instead of the ceiling paint. So on Saturday I painted the ceiling and the walls. On Sunday I painted all of the trim, two coats.

I also picked up my mom on Saturday and we went to the scrapbook store in Farmington Hills. After that we hit Michael's and had dinner. After dinner, she came over and we made cards. This is the first time she has really seen my house. This is the first time I hung out with her in over 2 years. We did have dinner for my sisters birthday, but this was the first time we really spent time together. We just do not always see eye to eye and I can't really let things go, so because of some of her actions I just found it less upsetting to just stay away. We'll see how it goes.

So I saw my boss's son on Facebook, but decided not to request to be his friend, because I don't think him telling his Dad that I appear to be on all day, would be such a good thing!

On Sunday after the trim painting I helped my good friend Anita, start to clean her Scrapbook room! What a mess! We spent a couple of hours, but it needs a couple more.

Ohh, I met Benita this weekend! She was at the same Scrapbook Store and I recognized her! She is an absolute doll and a genuinely great person! Have a great week!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Same Shirt

Weekend update...

On Friday evening Amit (my brother-in-law) called and wanted to go out for dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant, Sagebrush. When I called ahead to put our name on the list there was a 2 hour wait! We went anyway and had a good time. I needed a pic for 365, so I asked the lady sitting next to me if she would take one. She did and when I looked at it I realized that we were all wearing the same Under Armor shirt!! How funny that we didn't even notice!
On Sunday we met The Maguet's for brunch. TJ was so cute:
For the Superbowl they came over to our house to watch. We ordered pizza and had other snacks. Anita & I scrapbooked a little during the game. TJ was a little tired and unwilling to fall asleep. Tiger was checking him out:
When it was time to feed TJ Anita noticed that she forgot a bib, so we made due with an ugly kitchen towel...

We had a big demo at work on Monday morning so I got into the office at 7 am instead of the 8:30 normal time. By 9 am I was yawning like crazy. I didn't do anything so I snapped a photo for the cats for 365:

Today I went to get my allergy shot after work, this is so I can live with my cats.

I got there 2 minutes before they close, then I wanted them to take a photo of me getting my shot, they thought I was nuts and went to do something else, so I just took it myself.

Have a good week!