Thursday, February 26, 2009


I am so happy to report that my sister, Ashley, received her Michigan State University acceptance letter yesterday!! She is so happy and we are happy for her:)

On Monday AC had school and my Mom and her friend stopped by to chat. I couldn't sleep last night, so at 2 am I went to our basement and made a couple trips up to my scrap room with a display. My Mom gave it to my a while back and I just decided a week or so ago to set it up and hang anything and everything I can on it. I have the clip-it-up, but even the two tiers do not hold that much. I need to organize and plan some pages.

We have to go to Costco tonight and after we are meeting my in-laws for dinner. We didn't get a chance to have dinner all together for Gaurav's birthday. Last night I stopped at a restaurant/bar and met AC & his brothers along with Gaurav's 5 buddies as well. I needed a pic for 365, so I got my camera out and said I needed a photo, Amit & Gaurav instantly got together in this pose:

It is funny because they are so used to me taking pics, they don't even think twice about it:)

Tomorrow is Friday! Have a good night and great weekend!


Michelle said...

Yea for Ashley. Tell her congratulations!
I want to see what that thing looks like after its set up. I'm expecting a picture or two on here.

Joanie :) said...

Congratulations to Ashely! I went to State too! She will have so much fun (and learn a lot). Tehehe! It's about time some green & white gets mixed in to all of the maize & blue I always see in your pictures!!!

I am curious to see your display. I look forward to some pictures.

Have a good weekend! :)

toners said...

CONGRATS to Ashley!! You must all be thrilled for her :)