Thursday, February 19, 2009

Vacation Day

I have been keeping up on my project 365, but a couple of nights ago I was feeling tired of looking for stuff to take pictures of. If I take the photo during the day I am fine, but when I don't take it until 11 pm, I have a hard time looking for something other than the cats to photograph. If I was unable to purchase the CK kit, I would probably stop now. The kit really makes it easy to drop the photos in and add a little journaling. I have been using the website to the right (ShutterCal) to keep track of the photos. I did take a photo yesterday, however it isn't working right when I try to upload it.

Today I left work at 1 pm and took my boss & his wife to the airport. On the way back I turned in our company lease car. My company has decided not to lease cars anymore. This didn't affect me, because I did not have a company car. Just another area where company's are cutting back.

I am so happy to have tomorrow off work! My sister, Ashley, is on winter break so she is coming over tonight after work and spending the night. I believe she is also spending the night on Friday. Being a senior, she is so busy now. She works a lot at KFC and my younger sister Emily, 16, is now working at Subway. I am glad they have jobs and are getting a sense of how expensive the world is.

Have a great weekend! Thanks for reading!


Gabrielle said...

I have a hard time taking photos sometimes too. But it's easier for me to take random photos then photos of the kids. It's harder to get a good shot. It's only February...hope I can keep it up throughout the year! :)