Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Emily's First Job

On Monday night I went to the Mall and snapped some photos of Emily at her first job. She is working at the clothing store Forever 21. Here are the photos...

I took these photos before I was told that people are not allowed to take photos in the store.

Last night I had to go to the Sprint store to pick-up my replacement cell phone. I finally dropped my phone one too many times. I met Ashley at the mall after and she turned in an application at the same store as Emily. They would like to ride together and work the same schedule. Hope that works out for them.

I bought a couple of things for our trip... A new purse, it is a cross-body - meaning that it goes over your head and one arm. I think that it will be easier to keep track of my stuff if I am wearing it. Since I have been known to leave my purse on the floor in Kohl's. I went into Borders and bought a travel journal. I want to have one spot to keep track of the trip and a bonus is that it comes with pockets for keeping track of tickets and such. They happened to have a map of India, so I picked that up also. I would just like to understand where the family lives and exactly where we will be going.

I leave you with a cute pic of Tiger...

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Bought the tickets!

We are going. It's official, India here we come. I agreed to 3 weeks, with the understanding that we will pay the $200 per ticket if I want to come back earlier. AC said I can not get off the plane in India and say I want to go home. I have to give it some time. I really don't like to be away from home. I hope I do ok. I feel a little better about it since talking to my brother-in-law. He goes to India every 2 years or so, so he knows what it is like. I tried not to sound like a spoiled brat, but quizzed him about his aunt & uncles home that we will be staying in for some of the time.

I am trying to be positive, so here are the positives:
  • Electricity
  • Only the aunt & uncle live in the home
  • they have 3 bedrooms with AIR conditioning!! - Which means I will be able to talk about the family everyday, because we will have some privacy!! Like it or not, a spouse needs some time to complain about the other spouses family:)
  • Since I sleep with a noise maker at night, I should be fine listening to the air conditioner.
  • Toilet that flushes
  • running water - should be able to shower daily

So far looking forward to the trip. Any advice, please leave comments.

Thursday, July 24, 2008


When I got home on Monday a package showed up from My dear friend Lisa sent me these books to prepare for our trip:

What a great friend! Lisa & J are the couple from CA that stayed with us a couple of weeks ago. I am almost done with the first book. It is interesting and it says people who visit India are changed forever.

It will be something to see. India is 1/3 the size of the United States and has almost 4 times as many people. Indian people seem to never be in a hurry and just go with the flow. I am the complete opposite, so I will just have to try to relax and take it easy. We still have not booked our flight, but will do so this weekend.

On Saturday I am going to a 12 hour crop. I am excited about that. I have scrapbooked all of our wedding, honeymoon, and American reception, but I have not scrapped the Indian reception, so over the last couple of days I made a photo book on ArtsCow. I am looking forward to getting this! AC will be home tomorrow. Have a good day!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Weekend Review

The weekend is over. I really wish we worked 4 days and had 3 day weekends. I got all of the layouts scanned that I wanted to scan. Nice to have that finished. From now on, I am not going to put any layouts in books until they are scanned.

This is my 4th week of class. I opened my textbook on Friday at work to start the case study that is due on Sunday at 8 pm. Realize that I have the wrong edition of the book, can't find the case. Spend Friday worried about it. We just hung out at home on Friday night. On Saturday morning I went to the college bookstore and yes they gave me the wrong edition and of course they do not have the correct one. No other college bookstores in the area were open, so I had to email the instructor and explain my predicament. Relief that the case study was in the old edition and will be getting the new book on Tuesday.

On Saturday we went to see "Dark Knight" the new Batman movie with Heath Ledger. It was a great movie. We met our friends, Tracy, Tim, and Gregg there. After the movie we went to dinner and called it a night at about 11. I spent today napping, going my case study and working in the yard. We are having leftovers for dinner. Hope you had a good weekend.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Layouts & No Class

It's Friday!! I recently found a new food that I am obsessed with... TGIF Friday's Fried Macaroni & Cheese! It is sooo bad for you, but so tasty.

I have not been real busy at work lately, so I packed up my scanner and scrapbook layouts, so that I can get them all backed up and on the computer. Here are a couple from the last Friday crop I went to:
I don't have any plans for this weekend, but I do want to get my homework done before the last minute and I also have a crop next Saturday that I need to plan for.
We have been looking into the airfare to go to India and I can not believe how much it is to fly Business or First class!! For 2 people first class is $30,000, business class is $17,000 and economy is $2500. Guess how we will be flying? No Class! We haven't purchased the tickets yet.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Blog Cartoon

Wednesday, already! Time always seems to go by fast. I went to the Archivers Acrylic Album 2 class on Monday. See instructions below... We are having AC's family and his cousin's family over for dinner tonight. We are going to have Mexican, it is a good thing to make vegetarian and non. Have a good night.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Busy Weekend

What a busy weekend...

On Friday, I went cropping with Anita. We stayed until midnight. It was fun and I got a few layouts done. When I got home AC's poker buddies were still over. They didn't leave until 3 am. No big deal, I went to bed.

On Saturday we went to my Grandfathers memorial/BBQ. That is what he wanted and that is what he got. Here is a photo of my Grandma with AC & I.
My grandma has a beautiful yard with lots of flowers...
It was nice to see relatives that we haven't seen in 2 years. As we left Grandma's I got in touch with my friend Lisa, who is from California and staying Saturday night with us. Lisa and her fiance J, were getting close to our house so they beat us there. I went to Jr High and High School with Lisa. About an hour after we got home we went to Kruse & Muir for dinner.

Lisa & J: We played Wii and then went to bed. Lisa and J had to leave at 10 am, so we were thankful that we were able to see them and spend time together.
AC's Cousins from India are in town now as well as his Aunt & Uncle, so an Uncle from New York came for the weekend to visit too. The Uncle from New York left on Sunday and the Aunt and Uncle are leaving today. The cousins are here now. They have two girls ages 9 and 11. In order to see everyone, we went to the in-laws for Brunch and then back for dinner. We didn't get home until 11:30 pm. As I am sitting here at work I would myself thinking it was Tuesday already.
I am taking a class at Archiver's tonight, the acrylic album 2. Hope everyone had a good weekend. Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Photo Printing

Not much going on at work today. I decided to look for a new blog template and then promptly lost all of my widgets!! UGH! I should have paid a little more attention to what I had.

I did a few things on the to do list from yesterday. I ordered a 8x8 photo book from ArtsCow and it came in the mail yesterday. I am really happy with it. I was really testing out their photo books because they gave me a credit for a free one. I will be ordering more through them, especially since they gave me more credits! I originally found the site mentioned on a message board, because they were offering 400 free prints by singing up. The sign up is free, so I signed up. The 400 free prints are awarded 100 (50 4x6 & 50 5x7) per month. I have ordered my first and second months so far. The quality is just as good as any other place (Costco, Kodak Gallery) I have ordered from before. You do have to pay shipping for your orders, so I paid $9.98 for my first order of 100 prints and $22.98 for 100 prints and a photo book. I forgot to mention that the processing is done in Hong Kong. I think the pricing is good. If you are interested in signing up, let me know and I will forward you a link so we both get extra credits!

I also tried Costco's 12x12 prints and they turn out great. I have made a two page birthday scrapbook layout and I am giving it away, so I wanted a copy for myself. The prints show all of the detail and I am very happy with them.

The challenge at 2Peas today is... what was the first job or profession you wanted to be when you grew up?

I wanted to be a cop. Probable because my Dad was a police officer while I was growing up.

Monday, July 7, 2008


I was tagged by Janet...

Ten Years Ago: I was working for the same company as I work for today. However, I was the secretary then. I was dating my high school sweetheart and completely unaware of the tragedy that would strike that December. My sweetheart was killed in a car accident.

Five things on today's to-do list:
Get Scrapbooking stuff ready for tomorrow's crop and a 12 hr on Friday.
Clean and organize the mail in the office
Get my car washed (if it doesn't rain today)
Put items from the garage floor to the above storage in the garage
Call my Dad to see how they spent the weekend

Snack I Enjoy: Chocolate Anything! Love Chocolate! Especially these...Things I would do if I was a millionaire: I would love to help people by donating money. I would also travel and help both of our families by paying off mortgages and buying new vehicles and probably more.

Places I have lived:
Only the Great State of Michigan. The climate is not always great, but we rarely have tornado's (1 in every 10 years?), we do not have floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, or any other awful acts of Mother Nature. The saying goes, if you don't like the weather in Michigan, wait 5 minutes and it will change.

4 People I am tagging:

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Rest in Peace Grandpa T

On Wednesday July 2nd my Grandpa T (my Mom's side of the family) lost his battle with bone cancer.

Grandpa's obituary:

James E. Tetreau, age 69, of Caseville, died July 2, 2008 at his home while under hospice care.
Jim was born July 3, 1938 in Bad Axe to the late Russell and Irene (Anderson) Tetreau. He graduated from Bad Axe High School in 1956. He served in the US Army as a military police officer, including time spent in Vietnam, retiring after twenty years in 1978. After the service he moved to Caseville and married Lonna Deming on December 6, 1980 at the Caseville United Methodist Church.

Locally he worked and retired from the Alton Company in Pigeon. He enjoyed motorcycles, fishing, golfing, woodworking, and playing cards with his friends.
He is survived by his wife Lonna; step-children Pamela Lang of Sterling Heights, Gregory (Bebo) Peterson of Caseville, Penny (Dale) Wood of Unionville and Scott (Rachel) Deming of Yale; 9 step-grandchildren and 3 step-great-granddaughters; and a sister, Donna Chumbler of Bad Axe.
He was preceded in death by his brother Ken.
Private family services will be conducted. Interment will be in Caseville Township Cemetery.
Champagne Funeral Chapel of Caseville handled the arrangements.
Memorials may be made to Heartland Hospice of Bad Axe.

Thank God for Hospice. My Grandpa was in so much pain and they were able to help alleviate some of that pain with their care. They volunteers make such a difference in people's lives near the end.

My Grandparents were married on my birthday. I was 2 years old. Here is a picture of my grandpa and me in 1987.

Photo Note: Scrapbookers every should be gasping, because the year is written on my arm in the photo!