Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Vote for TJ

Another weekend gone at lightening speed! On Friday I worked a 1/2 day, went home to pick up Ashley and off to scrap we went. I was so completely unproductive it was pathetic!! I finished nothing! Sometimes I do that. Ashley had fun and Anita got there really late. On Saturday I went with Ashley to the mall to look at prom dresses. She saw a few but nothing she really wanted, so she will continue on the quest for the perfect prom dress. The mall is so dangerous for me, all I want to do is buy clothes!! I have bought some stuff for summer, but we can't even get spring weather here!! I can not wait for spring!

Saturday night we went over to our friends Jamie & Michelle's house. They recently bought a new home and it is beautiful. Michelle made a good dinner and we played 4 games of Euchre. Guys won:(

Went to brunch with the Maguet's on Sunday, always a nice time. We found out on Monday that baby TJ was one of 500 randomly selected kids chosen by 96.3 for a year supply of diapers. Please vote for Tyler M here. One vote per email address per day! I just found out from Anita that the votes on Monday did not count do to technical difficulties!! Bummer! Please vote again and often:)

Tomorrow I am going with my sister, Emily, on her varsity choir trip to Lansing. That should be fun! Looking forward to hearing them sing and spending time with Em.
Have a great week!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Sick Cupcake

I started feeling better on Wednesday, so back to work I went. I even cooked dinner last night! Don't laugh - I made shake-n-bake pork chops and twice baked potatoes (frozen from Costco). I know there should have been a vegetable, but who wants to eat those?

On Tuesday AC took Cupcake to the vet. She has been throwing up and not running to eat like she used to. Cupcake's appointment summed up: an x-ray, temperature of 104 (I guess 102 is high for cats), blood work, a rectal exam, 2 shots and $320. They are not sure what causes this could be irritable bowel syndrome or pancreatitis, so they are just going to treat her symptoms for now.
We have to start giving her a 1/4 tsp of Benefiber & 1/4 of a tablet of pepcid. At least the otc drugs work on flex spending! The vet also got to experience how difficult it is to give her any oral meds, so we have 2 different meds that are in cream form (one is an antibiotic and the other one is to calm her stomach). We have 2 rub 1 cc on the inside upper part of her ear, only once per day for 7 days. Hopefully all of this helps.

Today we had a pizza party at work. I picked up 15 pizzas from Alibi. I am scrapping with Ashley & Anita tomorrow. I have my layouts selected, paper picked out and my photos cut. I am taking supplies to make 6 layouts so hopefully I am productive! I am hoping to work a half day and go around noon to the Tree and start cropping, it goes until midnight. It is funny how fast those 12 hours go by. I can't even explain why or how they go so quickly. The last time we went at noon, I checked the clock at 4 pm, 10:30 and then time to go. I always have fun and like to spend the time with friends.

Speaking of time going by fast, why doesn't that happen at work??

Have a good night!

Monday, March 23, 2009


Ugh, home from work at 10 am today; with the chills, fever and overall feeling poorly. I hope I will feel better tomorrow.

Weekend Catch up-

On Friday AC played poker and won! I went with Anita to the Scrapbook Zone. On Saturday we stayed around the house and I forgot to take my 365 photo until 2:30 am on Sunday!! We watched "What happens in Vegas" with Cameron Diaz & Ashton Kutcher, it was a cute movie. On Sunday we met the Maguet's for breakfast then Anita and I did a little shopping.

Hope you have a great week!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

I don't own anything green that I could wear to work today, so no green for me. This past Friday we had our friends Mel & Sean over for dinner. AC made a roast chicken with potatoes & baby bellas. We had a great meal and fun catching up with friends we haven't seen in almost a year.
I really think the excuse "We are so busy" is over used. The bottom line is that we make time for what we want to do. I really need to make it a point to call friends and set up get togethers or time slips away and we don't see them. Especially since we do not have children, we should be using this time to visit our friends.

On Saturday night we went to Tin Fish to celebrate Tracy's 30th Birthday!

We had a really fun night. The guys were there too, just didn't make the photos!

On Sunday we celebrated my Mother-in-law's birthday. We went to her favorite Mexican restaurant.

Gosh, I am glad that I don't stick out in family photos, I mean you hardly notice me! Being sarcastic is one of my hobbies.

We had a gift card, so we used it last night and had dinner with the Maguet's! Little TJ is getting so big! We love him!

As for exciting news today... We got our new trash & recycle bins! Our city is going to a one-hauler trash pick up. Now the cost is going to be part of our taxes. We will now have a special recycling program that weighs the recycling we put out every week and we earn credits that can be turned into gift cards for local restaurants! That's exciting, especially since all of my office recycling gets brought to my house.

Have a great week:)

Friday, March 13, 2009

Entryway Freshen Up

I am glad it is Friday! This week seems never ending! It is funny how time seems to go by faster at different times.
This photo is from last Saturday - We went to a Euchre tournament. There was 22 people in all and it was very organized. It seems to be a game that everyone knows how to play, but I guess not everyone! I like playing cards so it was something fun to do with a big group of people. We had a lot of fun:)
On Sunday we went to brunch with the Maguet's. Here is Anita making TJ laugh:
This was AC's order:

We always have fun hanging out with Anita, Jason & TJ. On Tuesday I went to sketch club at the Scrapbook Tree. I actually got 2 12x12 2-page layouts done! Yahoo!

I ordered an entryway bench and shelf from JC Penny's a couple of months ago. AC put the bench together and we hung the shelf last night. I always loved the set that Pottery Barn sells, but I would never pay that much! Here is the shelf:

I went to Michael's last night to get a wall rub-on for our foyer to go above the bench, here it is:

The units from Pottery Barn came to a total of $787 for the bench, shelve, baskets and cushion; JC Penny total $249 for everything!! Neither price is including tax or shipping/handling. Not much else is going on. The temperature is back to 29 degrees today. I hope it warms up soon!

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Gelato Caffe

Okay all finished with the Bachelor rant! I think I am going to watch the Bacherlotte with Jillian when it starts.

Not much has been going on. AC was sick all week. Thankfully he is feeling better now. It was a pretty quiet week. On Monday the temp here in Michigan was 7 degrees and by Friday is was 65 degrees! We were lucky and had a few spring days. Today it is really foggy out. I have to remember to turn our clocks ahead one hour tonight. Pretty exciting huh?

Last night we stopped at a new place in town called, Paciugo Gelato Caffe. Gelato is so good! The owner said it is a franchise and the first one in Michigan. Here is a picture of some of the flavours...

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Jason Mesnick Sucks!

Last night we celebrated my sister, Emily's 17th Birthday!

When I got home it was 9:30, so I tuned into the Bachelor, just as Molly was walking up to be dumped. That was sad, but Melissa was so happy and that was nice. Melissa is beautiful and looks so happy! Maybe they will be another Trista & Ryan, happy ever after...

Then comes the 3rd hour of the Bachelor, After the final rose...

Jason has noticed that the chemistry between Melissa and himself has changed. He didn't say how or why or even what happened, just that it changed. Anyone out there who still feels the same way they did at the beginning of a relationship? I doubt it, because eventually reality sets in, no more helicopter rides, lavish dinners and hotels, no more island vacations, the real world is hard and he jumped out as soon as the chemistry changed? WIMP!! Marriage is real work! He also stated that he still has feelings for Molly. He tried to push the feelings away and just couldn't do it. Out comes Melissa, with the engagement ring on her finger, and no idea that she is going to get the worst form of humiliation, dumped on national television! Melissa handled herself very classy and really showed disappointment with Jason for not trying to work on things. She said she was mad at him for getting engaged in the first place if he was not willing to do everything possible to make it work. I think Jason is an ASS. I really hope Molly tells him to get lost and I don't think at this point he deserves to be happy! Yes, that is harsh, but why go through the trouble if you weren't going to stick in it for the long haul, give it your best, which Ty and Melissa deserve. Ugh! Melissa did call him a bastard under her breath, which he deserved! She is a nice woman who deserves to be the next bachelorette!

Exit Melissa, in comes Molly. Yes, of course she still loves Jason and she wished that he would realize that he made a mistake and come back to her. In comes Jason, I have made a mistake and I love you too. BLAH! BLAH! BLAH! I hope Molly watches herself and Jason doesn't hurt her as well.

Did you watch the Bachelor? What do you think?

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Brothers & Sisters

Here is the display that my Mom gave me back in November. I finally brought it upstairs a few days ago and started hanging things...

The room is a mess and I need to spend some time organizing. AC is not feeling good, he has the cold & sore throat that is going around. I sprayed Lysol all around the house, hopefully it helps me from getting it. I did some shopping yesterday, needed some clothes for work that fit! I got a bunch of stuff on clearance at Macy's and also bought stuff at New York & Company. My mother-in-law is so funny. She saw my bag from NY&C and insisted on taking the receipt and using a coupon she found in her entertainment book to save me some money! She is a great lady! It should save me $50, which is fantastic! She works at the mall, so she picked up the clothing this morning and will drop it back off this evening.

I am excited to watch the 2 hour special Brothers & Sisters tonight! I am sad that both Tommy & Robert (Rob Lowe) are scheduled to leave the show. I think Robert dies tonight.

Well, off to wash the sheets! Have a great Sunday!