Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Vote for TJ

Another weekend gone at lightening speed! On Friday I worked a 1/2 day, went home to pick up Ashley and off to scrap we went. I was so completely unproductive it was pathetic!! I finished nothing! Sometimes I do that. Ashley had fun and Anita got there really late. On Saturday I went with Ashley to the mall to look at prom dresses. She saw a few but nothing she really wanted, so she will continue on the quest for the perfect prom dress. The mall is so dangerous for me, all I want to do is buy clothes!! I have bought some stuff for summer, but we can't even get spring weather here!! I can not wait for spring!

Saturday night we went over to our friends Jamie & Michelle's house. They recently bought a new home and it is beautiful. Michelle made a good dinner and we played 4 games of Euchre. Guys won:(

Went to brunch with the Maguet's on Sunday, always a nice time. We found out on Monday that baby TJ was one of 500 randomly selected kids chosen by 96.3 for a year supply of diapers. Please vote for Tyler M here. One vote per email address per day! I just found out from Anita that the votes on Monday did not count do to technical difficulties!! Bummer! Please vote again and often:)

Tomorrow I am going with my sister, Emily, on her varsity choir trip to Lansing. That should be fun! Looking forward to hearing them sing and spending time with Em.
Have a great week!


erin said...

Too funny! Did you know Jill Schelke's little girl, Laurel, is also in the running? (Laurel J)

Gabrielle said...

I've done the same thing, sometimes all I do is chit chat when out scrapping! :)

Hope everyone is feeling better!

Linda said...

Time does fly. I am looking forward to spring too.