Thursday, April 2, 2009


On Wednesday I met Emily at her high school and we left on a school bus with 20 other kids and 10 chaperons. We were headed to the state capitol, Lansing. We stopped to eat at a mall in Lansing at 10:30! I guess the kids are used to eating that early. I was surprised that the food court was all open that early. Neither Emily or I have never been to the capitol building, so it was exciting.
The inside was really nice.
The girls preformed and were awesome!
Governor Jennifer Granholm is the first female Governor in Michigan. She was not there while we were, but we got to take pictures of her office:

Our tour guide was really great. She explained that a painting of every Governor is hung up after they are out of office and she showed us where Mrs. Granholm's would go. Then a boy in the choir piped up with a question, "Does Kwame have a painting here?" How embarrassing! For those of you that do not know, Kwame Kilpatrick was them mayor of Detroit and forced to resign when he was placed in jail for perjury. Oh well, at least it wasn't my sister who asked that!

We toured the building and were allowed into the Senate while they were in session. It was neat to see all of the senators and their aids eating pizza and surfing the net. A few Senators spoke their reason for "No" vote on a bill. One Senator announced that his Granddaughter was born. Then Senator Dennis Olshove introduced the Warren Mott Choir and had us stand while they clapped for us. That was cool too. Right before we left the capitol, I decided to use the bathroom. I found the bathroom, used it, and as I was walking to the exit, a guy in a suit was coming in! That is when I noticed that the door said, "Men's!" Oops! There were not any urinals, so it looked like a normal women's bathroom! That was a little embarrassing also! We both laughed!


Linda said...

Beautiful photos of inside the captiol.

Benita said...

Looks like you had a great time....great pictures! BTW, I tagged you & gave you an award on my blog :)

toners said...

What a fabulous trip - fun memories together :)