Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Hi! Hope you all had a great Easter!

On Good Friday the Maguet's came over for dinner and to decorate eggs. I haven't decorated eggs in 20 years (man that makes me sound old) and the last couple of Easters I have wanted to but decided at 28+ I wouldn't. Since baby TJ is here that was all of the justification I needed to decorate eggs this year. AC made a comment about an article he read in the paper about decorating cupcakes instead of eggs. Then I thought about bunny shaped sugar cookies. I was excited and off to get supplies. To my surprise, Target didn't have any Easter candy or decorating kits!! Luckily I was able to find this stuff...
Then I boiled the eggs, made the cupcakes and started the sugar cookies.

For the sugar cookies, I cheated and bought the pre-made roll of sugar cookies. I just had to roll them out and use cookie cutters to get the shape, then bake. Sounded easy enough. Well, What a pain in the a$$!!! No problem with rolling the dough, even through I didn't have a rolling pin (I improvised and used my straw holder) no problem using the cookie cutter, but for the life of me, I couldn't get the cookie off the counter and onto the baking sheet!!! Now I am remembering why I don't do this!! After a few calls to my step-mom, Denise, I used much more flour and rolled them out on wax paper. Evidently I put them a little too close on the cookie sheet:

Here is TJ wearing the bunny ears I got for him:

Here is Tiger wearing the bunny ears:

Here we are decorating the eggs after TJ went to sleep for the evening:

The longer the night went on, the sloppier the cookies got. Actually, this is one of only two cookies that got decorated this evening.

The cupcakes turned out good:

On Saturday AC played poker and I started getting my scrapbook stuff in order for the Scrapbook Garage Sale this weekend.

Sunday morning we went to my Dad & Denise's house for Easter dinner. My Grandma was up for most of the day and even played cards, so that was nice.

It was a very nice Easter, hope you had a good one also.