Friday, August 31, 2007

One Class Down, One to Go

Happy Friday! I am glad the weekend is finally here. I am looking forward to not working on Monday also!
Today, I finished my Business Strategy & Policy class! Now I have until 9/5/07 to do an exam in Financial Markets. I am glad that classes are almost over. I know that I would be bored without school, but I could use a break now and then. I have 8 classes to go:( In the fall I am taking QM 301 Statistical Inference for Management Decisions and MKT 309 Advertising and Promotional Management. The stats class is on Monday evenings and MKR is online. My friend Jamie is getting married on Sunday night. I am excited to go to the wedding. The area rug for the living room came today. It is nice to have carpet in there. We got the rug from my friend Michelle's husband, Dennis the Carpet Man!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Popular & Funny Blog

Obviously not this one:) I came across a link for the "Funniest eBay description ever" as it turns out a woman and mother of 6 children was selling a pack of Pokemon cards on eBay. She had a very humorous description for the sale, she told her story about the 6 kids going grocery shopping and they slipped them into the cart, which is why she was selling them. She had a blog and basically just her mom read it, well now over 26,000 people have viewed her blog! She has gotten 10,000+ emails! She is a very good writer and has a lot of funny stories about her 6 kids. Check it out...

Company & A New Layout

I had company today! My friends Richard and Nancy stopped by to for a visit and see our new house. So you know what I did on Friday night... CLEAN, CLEAN, CLEAN! We spent 2 hours and cleaned everything. We do not have any carpet in our house, so the wood floors need to be cleaned a lot. What an exciting Friday night, huh? AC had to work today, so I visited with Richard & Nancy. This evening AC went to play poker with his friends. I have a huge paper due on Monday at midnight, so I have been working on that. I did find time to do this layout...

This is my sister's first job! Ashley as promised, hope you like it:)

Thursday, August 23, 2007

World's Greatest Grandparents

The challenge today on my favorite scrapbooking website is to share one of your fondest memories of a special time with one of your grandparents..

My grandparents on their wedding day in 1947...

I was so lucky to have the greatest grandparents! We lived only 20 minutes away from them, so I got to see them a lot. My grandpa would take me to the coffee shop with him in the morning and get me a chocolate ice cream cone for breakfast! Grandparents are the best!! My grandmother worked in a clothing store, and since my grandfather was retired he would make dinner. Whenever he was making hamburgers he would put Velveeta cheese on them and before he did he would call me from the other room and ask me to try the cheese to see if it was ok to go on the hamburgers. I liked cheese. I was an only child and was lucky to have so much attention from them. My grandparents went to Florida in the winter and the first time we went to visit them we went to Sea World. I loved it! I loved Shamu. Before we left the park that day my grandpa told me to look in a bag and in it was a big stuffed Shamu! I loved it. The next year they brought back a mama Shamu and her baby. They were the best! I love them so much. They were always there for me and took real good care of me. I will be forever grateful to have them as my grandparents.

198? - Me with my grandparents...

1997 - 50th Wedding Anniversary...

My grandfather passed away in 2001, he will be forever missed.

Little Stinker!

Tiger & Cupcake

When we first adopted Cupcake she would plow Tiger out of the way and eat his food! She was little, but had no problem getting in between him and his food. It didn't seem to bother him to much, he would just walk away. We were feeding Tiger special formula male cat food, and didn't want her to get any, so this was our solution:
We would teach Tiger to sit on the bar stool and eat at the counter. I think it is adorable. It worked for quite a while, until I came home from work the other day and found this...

and this...

Cupcake knows she is not to eat his food, so she swallows it whole as fast as she can! She is a total stinker who gets into everything!! Good thing she is so cute:)

Monday, August 13, 2007

Lazy Weekend & Peas Challenge

These picture of Cupcake & Tiger sum up the weekend.
Cupcake cracks me up, sleeping like this. This was a lazy weekend. On Friday, we went to my in-laws for dinner. On Saturday I ran errands and AC worked all day then he golfed. He was gone all day. On Sunday he had to work also. I made some cards for Thanksgiving and cleaned. I finally watched Walk the Line. It was a good movie. I made the curtain for the spare bedroom. Since I am now threading the sewing machine properly, it works good!

Today's Challenge~ There has been some very strange weather all over the country. How are you surviving? I have 2 words, AIR CONDITIONING! We are so lucky to have air. I wonder how I survived growing up without it.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Archiver's & New Shoes

Today my friend Amy & I went to the grand opening of Archiver's in Sterling Heights. We are lucky to have so many scrapbook stores so close to us. Archiver's was not as large as I had hoped. They organize their stuff by theme, so for example all of the wedding stuff is in one spot. I prefer organization by company, but they did not ask me. I didn't purchase much, since I have the credit for the other scrap store in the area, but I was able to get some KI Gloo that I have been looking for. I also saw the DCWV Rock Star line, but decided to wait to look at Michael's for it. After Archiver's we went to the Scrapbook Emporium and Michael's. Michael's is now selling the Rock Star paper by the sheet! Got some of that and went home. Successful shopping day!

Successful Shoe Shopping!!

I saw a lady in my doctors office on Thursday with a cool pair of shoes. I decided that I wanted them and began the quest for the sketchers. I went to the shoe department in Macy's and found them! Totally lucky!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Cat Toys, Special lunch, & 2Peas Challenge

We have bought numerous cat toys in the last 4 years. However, this has been and always will be their favorite toy... A box, A Free Box!! Usually the plastic would not be in there, but I didn't even get a chance to take it out and they were already in there.

A Special Lunch...

My co-worker Erin is expecting a baby on Friday, September 7th (C-Section Appt). So today we all took her to lunch to celebrate and give baby gifts. She is expecting a girl. They have one son who is 5 already. How exciting!

(Back Row - Left to Right - Lorraine, Kathy, Me) (Front Row - L2R - Erin & Rita)

Today's Challenge~ Share a little bit about your favorite store you often shop for scrap items. And what keeps you going back...

My favorite store is The Scrapbook Tree & Stamp Garden. They are located on the NE corner of 23 Mile Road & Van Dyke. I love the way that they have the store organized. Everything is organized by company line. Meaning that all of the Love, Eslie line is together in one spot. I can not stand the stores that organize by theme and color. If it goes together it should be together, that way you know what matches and belongs together:)

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

First Job & Scrapbook Garage Sale

This past weekend I went to visit Ashley (ds) at her new job. This is her first real job. I warned her that I could see a "First Job" page in sight. She pleaded with me not to bring my camera, but I just snapped a few quick pics. Check her out...
Ashley's friend John started working at KFC about a week before her. I was lucky to go on a night when they were both working. Don't they look like they are having fun!

My Mother-in-law came over on Saturday and helped me with my sewing machine. I was threading the needle totally wrong! I think I may have it down now. Hope to use it on a scrapbook page soon. I haven't had a lot of time to scrapbook lately, but this past weekend I participated in a Scrapbook Garage Sale at the Scrapbook Emporium. I priced my stuff and dropped it off on Friday evening. A few ladies that were shopping said they couldn't make it on Saturday and wanted to look through my stuff then. Of course I let them. I made $60 just Friday night before the sale started! The store charges $5 and they will sell your items for you. That way I didn't have to sit at the sale with my stuff. They changed the rules, it use to be that you got half cash and half store credit for your garage sale items. Now it is all store credit. I ended up with $145 store credit on top of my $60 cash from Friday. I am happy, but would have preferred 1/2 cash. I cleared out a lot of stuff anyway, which was the ultimate goal.

Friday, August 3, 2007


Today, I decided to buy a sewing machine. I have wanted one for a long time and today was the day. I have not used a sewing machine since 7th grade, but I thought I could read the book and figure it out. Lots of scrapbookers are using sewing machines to sew on cards and layouts. I was so excited. The machine I purchased is the Singer Esteem. I purchased from Target and thought it looked like a good choice, it was not the most expensive nor the cheapest. By the way, I was shocked to learn that Joann Fabrics sells a sewing machine for $8,000!!! AC is out for the evening, golfing and playing poker, so tonight seemed like a good night to take my time, read the manual, and try the new sewing machine out. This is how it went:

The difficulty seems to be the sewing. I thought I got the bobbin in correctly, and the self threading needle seems easy enough. Apparently this machine is not the easiest, I have since noticed a few Singer models labeled, "simply the easiest" they also say, "SureFit Bobbin - only one way to insert the bobbin. The right way! • NoError Threading - You can't get it wrong." I see an exchange in my future.