Friday, August 3, 2007


Today, I decided to buy a sewing machine. I have wanted one for a long time and today was the day. I have not used a sewing machine since 7th grade, but I thought I could read the book and figure it out. Lots of scrapbookers are using sewing machines to sew on cards and layouts. I was so excited. The machine I purchased is the Singer Esteem. I purchased from Target and thought it looked like a good choice, it was not the most expensive nor the cheapest. By the way, I was shocked to learn that Joann Fabrics sells a sewing machine for $8,000!!! AC is out for the evening, golfing and playing poker, so tonight seemed like a good night to take my time, read the manual, and try the new sewing machine out. This is how it went:

The difficulty seems to be the sewing. I thought I got the bobbin in correctly, and the self threading needle seems easy enough. Apparently this machine is not the easiest, I have since noticed a few Singer models labeled, "simply the easiest" they also say, "SureFit Bobbin - only one way to insert the bobbin. The right way! • NoError Threading - You can't get it wrong." I see an exchange in my future.