Monday, August 13, 2007

Lazy Weekend & Peas Challenge

These picture of Cupcake & Tiger sum up the weekend.
Cupcake cracks me up, sleeping like this. This was a lazy weekend. On Friday, we went to my in-laws for dinner. On Saturday I ran errands and AC worked all day then he golfed. He was gone all day. On Sunday he had to work also. I made some cards for Thanksgiving and cleaned. I finally watched Walk the Line. It was a good movie. I made the curtain for the spare bedroom. Since I am now threading the sewing machine properly, it works good!

Today's Challenge~ There has been some very strange weather all over the country. How are you surviving? I have 2 words, AIR CONDITIONING! We are so lucky to have air. I wonder how I survived growing up without it.


Heather said...

Cats have the best life, don't they!? We too have had our AC on almost non-stop for sometime now. I can't wait for fall to come!

toners said...

Great cat pics :) We don't need A/C where we are now, but last year we ran it non-stop thru the summer!

EquineSpirit said...

LOL! Now that's the life!!

Suzy said...

I know what you mean about the AC, we never had it growing up and now I don't think I could function without it!