Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Same Shirt

Weekend update...

On Friday evening Amit (my brother-in-law) called and wanted to go out for dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant, Sagebrush. When I called ahead to put our name on the list there was a 2 hour wait! We went anyway and had a good time. I needed a pic for 365, so I asked the lady sitting next to me if she would take one. She did and when I looked at it I realized that we were all wearing the same Under Armor shirt!! How funny that we didn't even notice!
On Sunday we met The Maguet's for brunch. TJ was so cute:
For the Superbowl they came over to our house to watch. We ordered pizza and had other snacks. Anita & I scrapbooked a little during the game. TJ was a little tired and unwilling to fall asleep. Tiger was checking him out:
When it was time to feed TJ Anita noticed that she forgot a bib, so we made due with an ugly kitchen towel...

We had a big demo at work on Monday morning so I got into the office at 7 am instead of the 8:30 normal time. By 9 am I was yawning like crazy. I didn't do anything so I snapped a photo for the cats for 365:

Today I went to get my allergy shot after work, this is so I can live with my cats.

I got there 2 minutes before they close, then I wanted them to take a photo of me getting my shot, they thought I was nuts and went to do something else, so I just took it myself.

Have a good week!


Linda said...

Love the cute makeshift bib for TJ. He is a cutie. Not a bad photo of your shot. The nurses must not be scrapbookers.

Gabrielle said...

Great photos!

Isn't it funny when you ask people to take photos of everyday stuff...they look at you funny like your nuts! Isn't that what life's about? Enjoying the everyday? :)

toners said...

I wondered about that too...I think I'd feel strange asking so many people to take photos of everyday things! LOL!! But think of the collection you're going to have at the end!

Tricia said...

What a cute baby! Love the picture of you guys at MY favorite resturant. :) What did you order? No, don't tell me then I will have to go there. Tell Anita I love her baby....very adorable. :)

Sarah C. said...

How funny about the nurses thinking you were nuts for wanting the photo. They clearly aren't scrapbookers! LOL

Awesome photos. Laughed at the matching shirts too. It's just a sign you all think alike. :)