Thursday, April 10, 2008

Lose Ankle

I have been a little behind posting lately. My last post was about the paper towel holder organizer, well I started it but I am not happy with it. It seems like everything I have is taller than 11", so it sticks up and out of the page protectors. It does not look anything like the one from Monday's post. So, I broke down and bought a Clip-it-up last night at Archiver's. Here is a photo of the clip it up:

I am looking forward to putting my stuff on this latest organizing tool. I went to a class at Archiver's last night. The class was called Stationary in a Snap. I will post pictures of the cards later. I don't know what my deal is, wait a minute Yes I do, I am so impatient that I feel the need to be the first one done with the cards. I race through and sometimes make mistakes because who has the time to read the directions?! I don't know if the other ladies noticed that I was racing them, but I totally won, smoked them in fact.

I could not believe how many people had not ever seen the crop-a-dile! Where have they been? I completely understand non-scrapbookers never having heard of it, but scrapbookers??

For any of you wondering what a crop-a-dile is: it is a tool to set eyelets and punches holes. See photo below:About a month ago I began having ankle pain. I would wake up in the morning and my ankle would feel like I sprained it. After walking for a while it would loosen up and the pain would go away, but it would be really swollen. After having x-rays, I had to have a MRI, which gave a diagnosis of swollen tendons, a possible torn ligament, and an appointment with a specialist. My appointment was this morning and of course my ankle has not hurt for a week now. I felt guilty being there when others were limping in. After more x-rays, from the standing position this time, the doctor says I have a "loose ankle." I have stretches to do and he thinks that I will not have anymore problems after I strength my ankle. I am glad it was a simple fix.

I had my car repaired from where the crazy woman hit me. There was apparently a panel dented in that could not be seen from the outside. $185 to repair, but they also touched up the entire car as part of a lease turn in deal, the lease deal was $100, the dent repair was $85. I also have a dent in my passenger rear door. See below story...

It May 2006, I only had the car for a month and I was on my way to get my nails done, when a fire truck started coming down the middle of the road, I moved over without even looking and ran into a nice little red hat lady's car. She was really mad (understandably) and I was telling her that I was preoccupied because I was leaving on Thursday (2 days later) to get married in Jamaica. She instantly changed and was asking all about our wedding. I said it was completely my fault and I would pay for the damage to her car. Her drivers side mirror was broken off. She was nice enough to trust me and took my address. Two weeks after I got back from Jamaica, there was a letter from the lady and she said she had her husband go to 4 different places to get estimates and sent me the repair bill for the replaced mirror. I mailed her a check the next day and I included a couple pictures from our wedding. A few days later I got a letter back saying how nice the pictures were and how she loved getting them. The day I hit her she was on her way to a Red Hat Ladies Meeting, so she was going to take my pictures to the next meeting and show them. I really couldn't have hit a better person:)

Since my car is due to be turned in soon I figured I better get my dent, which was way worse than the other ladies car, fixed. I got a quote today and it is $1350 to fix it! I am feeling thankful for insurance today.


toners said...

Insurance is a pain to pay every month, but when we need it I'm glad it's there :) I'm looking forward to seeing your cards from the class!!! I hope you have a terrific weekend :)

Sarah C. said...

Bummer about the car. Glad your ankle is ok though. Are you going to share your cards from the class? That looks like a really good one. :)

jp said...

That's really too bad about the car. It costs so much to fix anything these days! Glad your ankle is an easy fix, though!

I don't have the Clip-it-Up but everyone I know who has it LOVES it!