Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Before, During, After

My boss gave me this today... I think it is cute.
Yesterday I was invited to go on a weekend crop! I am excited and going in November. I hope to scrap my India photos there.

Our landscaping was completed over the weekend!

Before, but after I started using the round up! The bushes below have been cut down, but were originally taller than me! It was a jungle.

During: After;)

We are so happy with the new landscaping! We just had the company complete the front of the house. We will probably wait until next year to do the rest of the areas around the house.
My sister Ashley came over on Monday night and spent the night. Tuesday I had sketch club, so it has been a busy week already. Have a good one!


Lily said...

it looks great! thanks for sharing the fun comic.

Lily said...

it looks great! thanks for sharing the fun comic.

Benita said...

Love your landscaping & your home is beautiful, too!

Linda said...

Your yard looks wonderful! Cute comic too. :)

Janet said...

Love the new landscaping! I can see that was a huge job! We are going to start on an area in front of our house this fall. Thx for the inspiration!

Love the cat comic, BTW! :-)

toners said...

Oh wow, that looks so pretty! What a great job! Your house is beautiful :) And the comic strip is right on!

Gabrielle said...

WOW! Your yard is stunning! It looks great! :)

Sarah C. said...

That comic is funny! :) Your yard looks beautiful! Very inviting.