Friday, June 5, 2009

Prom '09

Wednesday was my 3 year wedding anniversary!

On Wednesday after work I went to see my sisters all dressed up because they were both going to prom this year.

Emily is a junior and her boyfriend Josh is a senior:
Ashley is a senior this year and this is her boyfriend Adam:

The pictures turned out good and everyone got home safe:)

Today is our annual bbq at work. I did all of the shopping yesterday. We are having brats, burgers, macaroni and potato salad and chips. Should be fun. We get the grill out in the parking lot and put tables outside to eat.

Have a good weekend!!


toners said...

What terrific photos! I love the colors of your sisters' dresses :) I hope your bbq went well!

Joanie said...

The girls look so beautiful! :)