Thursday, June 28, 2007


I still have tanning credits left from last year, so I decided to start using them this summer. I went on Sunday and got burnt! I had gone a few times this year, however the chick at Image Sun forgot to tell me that the bulbs were new. OUCH! The pain has since gone away, but I can't believe they forgot to mention the new bulbs! Oh Well, at least I didn't catch fire!

Here is a picture from Monday with my Sisters. Ashley & Emily:
This is Emily after her makeover, LOOKIN GOOD!
This is Cupcake with her latest toy. I can't resist cat toys!


Debbi said...

Ohhhh. I remember feeling like a piece of forgotten bacon in a tanning bed one time. Not good.

Your sisters are very pretty.

MIchelle said...

Ouch! I was going to make a smart ass comment about the tanning but in recent happening I think I will keep it to myself.
Where did Emily get her makeup done? They did an awesome job.

Darcey said...

Emily got her makup done at MAC in Macy's at Somerset.