Tuesday, June 26, 2007


2 Peas's Challenge: Do you watch the news? Why or why not? What stories always move you? Blog about it.

I do occasionally watch the news, however it is depressing. Domestic violence seems to be a large part of the murders that occur. I don't understand why if people are so miserable they can't just take out themselves instead of their family, i.e. innocent children.

The stories I can not watch involve cruelty to animals. We were in a restaurant a few weeks ago and a story about dog fighting was on, it was showing bloody dogs and I can not handle that. I can not imagine why people torture people/children or animals.

On a more upbeat note...

AC started his new job yesterday. He is working at ABB in Auburn Hills. He likes it so far. I am sure he will be traveling some, but no word on when.

Yesterday I took a half day of work off to spend with my sisters. We went to Somerset Mall and shopped. Emily had a makeover, since she is 15 she is now allowed to wear makeup. (Although she has been secretly wearing it for over a year!:) Ashley was having a stressful day because her cell phone has not working! How tragic! Her thumbs were probably relived because they didn't have to text a 100 messages that day!


Noelia said...

I agree, the news can be pretty dark at times. I don't watch it regularly except for weather reports for the same reasons you stated.

Thanks for dropping by my blog and for your nice comments :)

Anonymous said...

Haaaaa. I love the texting part you wrote about me. But it is true. Man, those one hundred text messages a day are pretty strenuous on my thumbs. I had fun with you on that day when we went to the mall. We need to hang out more often Darceyyyy! Love ya sis!