Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Dr & 2 Peas Challenge

The cast/splint is off!! Yahoo! The Doctor said that he expects the feeling to return to normal in my palm, not sure about the thumb, it will take time. I am able to wear my watch today, and it fits like normal, so my wrist is not to swollen. The only bad thing about this doctor is that I have had to wait quite a while when I go there. That is the most annoying thing when going to an appointment, and waiting 45+ minutes for your "appointment."

I am so glad that Fall TV is back!!
I miss shows over the summer. On Monday we watched How I Met Your Mother, Big Bang Theory, Heroes, and Journeyman. Heroes is not really my kind of show, but AC and Amit really like it. I try to watch, but get bored and usually try to read or do something else without bugging them. Last night we watched some of House and Boston Legal.
We DVR'd a couple other shows from last night also. I can't wait to see the Office and Grey's Anatomy! We need to get a life!!

AC's birthday is tomorrow, so we are going to his parents for dinner. After dinner we are meeting some friends for drinks. On Saturday, AC is in a golf tournament that will last all day, so my sister, Ashley, and I are going to a 12 hour crop at our LSS. I am looking forward to going and getting some scrapping done. I need to spend some time tonight organizing and getting ready for the crop, so my time is not wasted there.

2 Pea's Challenge~ How often do you meet with friends to scrap? Do you wish it could be more?

I meet once a month at my LSS for the monthly club that we belong to. I wish we met more often, but it is hard to always find the time.

I had trouble sleeping last night, so I thought I would update my blog, but I could not for the life of me, get logged into Blogger!! So I read other blogs and surfed the net from 1 am to 2:30 am. I hate when that happens.


Teresa Loop said...

I couldn't get into Blogger last night either.

I'm jealous of the 12 hr crop - sounds wonderful!

Lynn said...

Happy to hear that your hand is doing much better and that the splint is off now. I hate when you wait forever in dr's offices also. We have an orthopedic that I swear you could be waiting for over 2 hours for him because he is in such demand and always gets called to the hospitals for emergencies.
wow... a 12 hr crop. I haven't done one of those in about 6-7 months! Hmmmm I should see when the next one is and go.
Thanks for stoping by my blog and sending well wishes to DJ. I think if he just takes it easy and listens to the dr he will be on the mend quickly.

Dana said...

I wished I were at the 12 hour crop, sounds fun! I so love House!!!! Now, I can't wait for the return of Supernatural. Dana