Sunday, September 23, 2007

Tuesday Come Quick!

Since my hand surgery on Monday, I have had this on my left hand/arm:
I go back to the doctor's office on Tuesday morning and I can not wait to get this off. It is a wrap over a splint, it was getting too lose and dirty, so I re-wrapped it this morning.


Rachael said...

Hey, at least you can still wear your ring, right? :)

Hope Tuesday comes fast for ya!

Laurel said...

That sure looks awkward for you. I can see why you can't wait to get it off your arm!

How is your hand feeling?

Staci said...

Looks cumbersome! Hope you're better soon!

Lynn said...

I'm sure it will be a pleasure to not have to deal with that bandage anymore. I completely understand how you feel about those bandages. The minute they get loose its all over. Good luck at the drs.