Saturday, July 21, 2007

Family Affair

Ashley & Emily spent the night last night, so they were here for breakfast this morning. Lucky for us, Aman and his brother Amit like to cook and they are very good at it! They decided to make breakfast for all of us this morning. Around 10 Amit and Gaurav came over and Aman and Amit started cooking. Here is Amit cooking chocolate chip and blueberry pancakes. They also made bacon, sausage, hash browns, and Aman made loaded scrambled eggs.

After breakfast I cleaned up and took the girls home. Then we started landscaping. We got 2 yards of cedar mulch. I split and moved some hostas. We trimmed bushes, roses, and weeded. We never could have gotten so much done without Amit and Gaurav. My father-in-law even came over to help. It is nice to have my new brothers so close. They come over at least once a week. Sometimes we get carry out and sometimes they cook:)