Friday, August 31, 2007

One Class Down, One to Go

Happy Friday! I am glad the weekend is finally here. I am looking forward to not working on Monday also!
Today, I finished my Business Strategy & Policy class! Now I have until 9/5/07 to do an exam in Financial Markets. I am glad that classes are almost over. I know that I would be bored without school, but I could use a break now and then. I have 8 classes to go:( In the fall I am taking QM 301 Statistical Inference for Management Decisions and MKT 309 Advertising and Promotional Management. The stats class is on Monday evenings and MKR is online. My friend Jamie is getting married on Sunday night. I am excited to go to the wedding. The area rug for the living room came today. It is nice to have carpet in there. We got the rug from my friend Michelle's husband, Dennis the Carpet Man!