Monday, November 19, 2007

Biggest Step

The 2Peas challenge for today is~
What is the biggest step you have taken this year?

I would have to say having Thanksgiving dinner for 12 at our house this year! I am excited, but nervous since I have never cooked a turkey or much else for that matter! We registered for china when we got married, so I got it all out and washed in preparation for Thanksgiving dinner, but to be honest the closer Thanksgiving comes, the better paper plates look. Since it is the first Thanksgiving dinner we are hosting, I will use the china. I bought a table cloth, place mats, napkins, and napkin rings in order to have a good looking table. The table cloth and napkins need to be pressed, so I thought I would do the napkins and let the dry cleaner do the table cloth. The dry cleaner wanted $18 to only press the darn thing! I could not believe it! I will be pressing it myself sometime in the next 3 days.

I went to a 12 hour crop on Saturday. I was still kind of burnt out from the week, but I went at 9 am and left at 8 pm, so I made it for 11 hours. On Friday after work I did the Thanksgiving grocery shopping that could be done early. Just did laundry and homework the rest of the weekend. I have a group project that I need to finish for school and my statistics class tonight. Thanks for reading:)


toners said...

Good luck with your Thanksgiving :) I bet it will go beautifully!