Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Oh Christmas Tree

2Peas Challenge for today is:
With the hoildays around the corner. When does your family put up your tree and other decorations? Is there a tradition?

Well, I really don't have a tradition for putting up the Christmas tree or decorations. Last year we were packing to move, so we didn't put anything out. This year we will have to start a tradition. It will be the first Christmas in our house, so it is exciting. We have been talking about our Christmas tree and we don't think it will fit in our house. It is a big tree, like 6.5 feet tall and really wide. My plan is to look for a slim line tree or two. I have lots of ornaments and would like to have them on different trees. I have places for smaller trees, just not one huge tree. I have never put lights outside, so I am looking forward to it this year. I will probably start getting the decorations out soon. I want to buy outside lights and get them all set before it snows. We are planning to have company over on Christmas Eve. I am not going to worry about that until this week is over. My problem with the holiday decor is that I get excited and put it out too early and then get sick of looking at it.

I remember one year when I was probably 9 or 10 and I took the tree down on Christmas day in the evening. My parents are divorced and after my mom dropped me off at home, I didn't have anything else to do. My dad was working at the time. Good Times.


toners said...

How exciting to be starting your own Christmas traditions this year :) We've kept some from our own childhood and started some of our own. One of my favorites that DH and I came up with is that we don't need to get out of our jammies on Christmas day if we don't want to :) We were both dragged round so many relatives' houses every Christmas Day as kids that we decided we'd let ours have the day all for themselves. And thank you for the ((hugs)) :)

Linda said...

I also have that problem with putting up the decorations to early and then getting sick of looking at them. I agree it is exciting to make your own holiday traditions. Enjoy the holiday!