Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Turkey Time

I looked in the basement last night and the Christmas Tree we have is 7.5 feet tall. I remember wanting the 9' tree, but settling with the 7.5! What was I thinking??

I forgot to mention that AC is working afternoons for the next 2-3 weeks. Just thankful he has a job.

I decided to brine the turkey, so last night I was getting the Williams Sonoma Brining mix ready. This morning I got the turkey out of the refrigerator and had to get it ready for the brining mix. I finally got the legs out of the metal piece and then found the neck. It grosses me out to see what so looks like a dead turkey. That probably doesn't make sense. Let me try to explain, I like to eat chicken, but usually in strip form. I eat pork chops and ham, but never have I seen the whole pig on the table. I did not see the bag that was supposed to be in the turkey. I decided that then seemed like a good time to read the directions. It says the bag is in the neck area, along with a helpful hint about getting the legs out from the metal piece! Finally, I get a knife and cut into the other end of the turkey. Found it! Now it is in a giant brining bag in the refrigerator. Hopefully it will be worth it. Can't wait to see how it all goes tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Hi Darcey-

I've only cooked 2 turkeys in my lifetime & could relate to your struggles! All your company will see is a really good meal & they'll have no idea of what happened the day before!
Gobble Till You Wobble-