Thursday, January 31, 2008

Small Town Downtown

The 2Peas challenge is to ~ Describe what walking downtown your hometown as a child....What stores were down there, etc.

My down town consisted of 4 short blocks.. one blinking light and one movie theater/community house/library.. new movies came out on Friday of each week.. a movie at 7 pm and 9pm.. Sometimes I would see a movie multiple times for something to do...we had a bowling alley with 7 lanes and one pool table... Jim ran the bowling alley and he messed around on his wife...gotta love a small dad was a cop..we had a dairy queen, Al's restaurant, a Dime Store...not sure where the name came from everything was more than a dime...Brosak's hardware was on the corner across from the theater...people did not lock their house doors or their car...the road to the beach has a large hill going toward the water...I walked to school...I could tell you who lived in almost every house...Friday night football games were a common place to see everyone...two grocery stores..IGA and do-it-yourself car wash...Randolf's pizza, a family owned business with a small hotel attached...Ernosto's Pizza, and eventually a Little Caesar’s...Sandman's, which was like a 7-11.. two marina's, the old marina and the new marina...the cruise route was to turn around in the IGA parking lot and then drive to the beach and go thru the turn around there, over and over again...if you were trying your first cigarette with a girlfriend, way out at the end of the dock on a foggy morning, the catholic church basketball coach was going to see you and tell your dad.


Mollie said...
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toners said...

Darcey, your town sounds so great! Where was it?

Benita said...

A bowling alley with 7 lanes??? LOL Loved reading your story :)