Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Unfortunately the body of Denise Lee was found on Saturday.

I read this post on a message board that I frequent and I was hooked. I looked everyday for updates. I really believed that since the authorities knew so quickly who kidnapped her, that she would be found. It is a sad story.

The Challenge today on 2Peas is ~ How are you staying warm in this cold weather the country is having lately?

It is 25 degrees today and we have gotten 4 inches of snow early this morning. I stay warm by staying inside! I also broke out my new scarf.

My husband and I went out on a date last night. We went to one restaurant for dinner and another for dessert! We had a nice night. I have an exam to do this week and along with the normal homework load.

My Grandma is having her gallbladder removed this morning. Hopefully everything will go good and she will go home tomorrow.

Have a great week!


toners said...

Such a sad story about Denise. Good luck to your Grandma today :)

Linda said...

Such a sad story. Hope all goes well for your grandmother. Stay warm!

Sarah C. said...

I saw that thread on 2ps and was also hoping for the safe return of Denise. :( I will never understand how people do these horrible things...

On a brighter note, it sounds like you & DH had a wonderful date! :) Prayers that your Grandmother's surgery was successful. And best of luck on your exam.

The Scrappy Bee... said...

I've never done the dinner at one, and dessert at another! I'll have to suggest to my DH that we give that a try! Good luck on your exam and best wishes to your grandma for a speedy recovery!