Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!

Last night we celebrated by going out to dinner
with our friends Brad and Cynthia.

During dinner Aman started feeling sick, so he just wanted to go home for the night. He told me to go out, since he was going to bed.

I met Amit and rang in the new year at Mahoney's.

Hope everyone has a happy and healthy 2008!

I visited my Grandma in the hospital today and she may be going home tomorrow!


Kathleen Summers said...

I hope your grandma gets to come home! How's the scrap room organization going?



toners said...

Oh Darcey, I just got back and read all about your Grandma. I'm so sorry about all your family has been through this week. Sending (((hugs))) and best wishes that she gets home very soon :)