Sunday, December 30, 2007

What a difference a night can make!

My phone calls this morning were filled with positive news about my Grandmother. Her Bilirubin count is down to 8 and she is feeling much better. She was put on a diuretic medicine that has reduced all the fluid and she is doing much better. What great news!

My plan today is to organize my scrap room. I am going to a 12 hour crop next weekend and I know that I will be much more productive if I have everything planned out. I also hope to visit my friend and her husband today.

Have a great day:)


Colleen said...

That's wonderful news! So glad to hear that she's doing better!

jp said...

YAY! That is great news. I'm sure you've been very stressed about your Grandma, Darcey. So glad she's on the mend. :-)

Have fun organizing! It's great to start out the new year w/ everything in order! Janet

Sarah C. said...

Glad to know your grandmother is improving. Best of luck with the organization and prep for next weekend's crop. :)