Saturday, December 1, 2007

God Bless the Good Samaritan

Friday night my sisters came over and spent the night. We did a little shopping and then had dinner at Chili's. The shopping we did was at Kohls. Kohls reminds me of Art Van, you know how they are always having the biggest sale of the year. The Kohls we went to didn't have everything I needed so I planned on going to another Kohls today.

The Scrapbook Tree was having their anniversary sale today and everything was 20% off. I spent 2 hours in the store and got some cool paper. Then I went to Kohls. I was Christmas shopping, so I am not going to say what I was getting, but I had to go through lots of items to find the correct things that I wanted. I was sitting on the floor going through the items and was not having any luck. I saw an employee walk by, so I got her to help me. She looked in the computer and it said they had 8 of the items. I told her they were not out on the floor, so she went to the back to look.
I was making a call while I was waiting and all of a sudden I realized my purse was gone!!! I frantically went to the department I was looking in and nothing. I was panicking and thinking about how I was going to be buying Christmas for someone else! I saw another store employee and told her my purse was missing. She was quizzing me on where I was and said she would call customer service. I was nervous. Luckily a Good Samaritan had found my purse on the floor (by where I was sitting) and immediately turned it in. Thank God there were honest people shopping at Kohls today!!

As I mentioned before Kohls has different sales all the time. Today, while I was in the store they announced that the "special pricing" would remain in effect until 2 pm. Lucky me, so I re-bought most of the items that I bought last night, thinking I would save some money. Kohls was busy and did not have any carts available so I was dragging a big shopping bag that they have. The bag was so full that I couldn't carry it! All that to get home, compare the receipts, and realize that I paid the exact amount for all items bought yesterday and today!! So, this evening I picked up some dinner to take to my husband, who is working 2nd shift, and then went to a different Kohls and did my returns.

Before I forget...
Where ever you are Good Samaritan, God Bless You and may you have a great holiday season.