Sunday, December 9, 2007

Birthday Weekend!

The weekend flew by! On Friday night I did an 8 hour crop. On Saturday night we went out for my birthday dinner and then had ice cream cake at home. I always bring this yellow birthday hat to every birthday dinner and make everyone wear it. They hate it and always hope I will forget it! I love it. I think it is funny and cute. So here is my pic in the birthday hat.

Here is AC's brothers goofing around...I am so glad that we took this picture in front of the light that was taken half down to change, then we figured out that we would have to paint around the new one, then we ran out of time to put it back up!

On Sunday we went to Howard's house for another birthday dinner. Howard was my mother's second husband and the father of Ashley & Emily. I got some great gifts this year. It was so nice to see everyone. Thanks for making my birthday great!


toners said...

What a great group of photos! I love the yellow hat tradition :) What fun! I received your holiday photo cute! And thank you also for the extra card - did you make it?

Your card from me should be arriving any day :)