Monday, December 3, 2007

Challenge, School, & a Song

2 Peas Challenge today is: What are 5 things on your computer desk right now?
I am at work, so I have a tape dispense, stapler, lotto tickets and money (we have a lotto club and I have to get the tickets before tomorrow night), statistics book & calculator, and a little red fan.

I watched Desperate Housewives last night, can't wait to see the next episode! Who won't survive the tornado? Victor is obviously is the husband that does not survive, but who is the friend to all that doesn't make it? Carlos? Hope not!

One week from today I will be done with school!! So excited! I registered for next semester and I decided since I only have 6 classes left I will take 3 each semester and finish in June! Winter semester I will have Marketing Management, Organizational Leadership, and Production & Operations Management. I really hope it is not too much with working full time.

My favorite song for the last 2 months...


toners said...

Great post! I'm done with school from today until Feb.19th! Yahoo!