Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Eyebrows Are So Overated...

Happy Tuesday!

We didn't do too much this past weekend. I made a pork roast in the crock pot on Friday. I hate cooking, but that crock pot is a wonderful thing! AC got home before me on Friday and we just stayed in on Friday night. On Saturday he was depressed because he can't golf due to the knee injury. I was weeding outside, at least the knee high weeds, and noticed a bunch of water on the side of the house. AC was telling me that the sump-pump had been running non-stop, so I told him about the water. It turns out that the main valve for the sprinkler system has a leak. AC dug a trench across the yard to get rid of the water. He also put pea stone down to help the water drain in the future. We shut the water off and the sprinkler people are coming on Thursday to repair it. Needless to say, the knee injury was not doing very good after the trench. We went out for dinner on Saturday night with Amit (my bil) and 2 of his friends, as well as our friend Gregg. We went to Filippa's and I had this wonderful coconut chicken. I am definitely going back for that.

On Sunday I did some scrapbooking errands, you know I hit all the stores! I also went to Petco to get a shower attachment for the utility tub. My plan is to give both cats baths this week. I am hoping they will let me brush them outside to get rid of some loose hair, since they are shedding bad. Last night I went to Macy's and got my haircut. I also picked out some stuff for my mother-in-law to buy for me. My mother-in-law works at Macy's, so I just put the stuff on hold and she buys it the next time she works. I also went to New York & Company to get some stuff.

Could someone please tell me why all of the clothes (shirts) look like maternity clothes!! Everywhere, shirts with pleats in the front only to expand as they go down! Ugh! Like I need shirts that make me look pregnant!! Ugh!

Now for the eyebrow part... Last night, after my haircut, I decided to trim my eyebrows. I have a pen like trimmer that has a specific attachment to trim eyebrows. Apparently I had it on wrong because my eyebrows are almost gone!! They are very short stubble!! YIKES! Nobody said anything yet, but I have only seen my cats:(


Linda said...

I wish I knew about why all the shirts look like maternity shirts. I can't wait for normal shirt to come back in style. Sorry to hear about your eyebrows, I hope they grew back quickly.

Sarah C. said...

Another clueless person about this new shirt trend. Funny though - a few months ago I saw a cute shirt in Ann Taylor Loft. Went to grab my size to try on and it WAS from their maternity collection! LOL Now w/ all the new pregnant "looking" tops - I'm not sure if I'm looking at regular clothes or not.

Sorry about the eyebrows. How frustrating. I've never tried one of those. But beware of those cats - they may say something after you try to bathe them. ;) I've only attempted that in dire circumstances and hope I never have to again!

Michelle said...

I've been asked when I was due when I wore one of those damn shirts. And its happened more than once!

LOL about the eyebrows. At least they don't look like the man brows I have!


Michelle said...

I forgot to add that I use to work at Filippas. Isn't it yummy!


Darleen said...

have a good week & good luck with the eyebrows!!

:: gingerkitty :: said...

mona lisa didn't have eyebrows

toners said...

I'm with you on the shirts - like we need something to emphasize our boobs and make it look like there's "something" under the rest of the shirt. Ugh!

The good news is...eyebrows don't take too long to grow back...perhaps a very large hat? :)

Gabrielle said...

I am still laughing about the eyebrows! Once I had mine waxed and when she was done she was super nervous...I knew she messed up. I had these lines that looked like they were arrows! I just about died since I was on my lunch hour and had to return to work!

At least they'll grow back! :)

Janet, aka JP said...

Oh, my gosh -- I don't mean to laugh but your eyebrow story is pretty funny! That totally sounds like something I would do! I'll bet they'll grow back in no time. Meanwhile you could take a sb'ing marker and draw on some new ones. LOL

Thank you, Darcey, for stopping by my blog these past few days with your kind words. I surely appreciate everyone's visits and hugs. Thank you!