Thursday, May 15, 2008


A blog that I frequently read is On Eagle's Wings. The blog owner Benita lives in Michigan and was on the design team for a lss that I like. Benita went to the Mega Meet last week and bought a bunch of stuff. She purchased this paper pack:

It is one of Basic Grey's most recent lines, Sultry. When Benita returned home she noticed that she already had this paper pack and so she decided to do a RAK (random act of kindness) with it. All I had to do was guess how much she spent based on her post of her day at the Mega Meet. My guess was $153 and she spent $153.16! I won the paper pack!! I am so excited!

In other news... I have MSN as my home page and there is often some sort of attention grabbing headlines that I click on. It never fails, if it is something horrible, it seems that it is something that happened in Michigan. Not today!

Today the headline that caught my eye was, "Teen sells 17,328 boxes of Girl Scout cookies." I clicked to read more and this took place in Detroit, Michigan! What a girl scout!! She made enough money for her troop to go on a 10 day trip to Europe! At 15 she sold so many cookies! Congratulations to the Girl Scout!


Linda said...

Congrats on winning the rak.

Michelle said...

How cool! I saw that on her blog and was going to guess 150! I never got around to it. Congrats!


Sarah C. said...

Way to go on winning Benita's RAK! Loving that BG line. :)

toners said...

Yeah! Congrats! Enjoy that paper :) I bought the 6x6 pad of it this's so pretty!

Have a terrific weekend!

Sharla said...

Congrats on winning, that line is really pretty..I might just have to go shopping!!

Darleen said...

congrats on your RAK. You wanna know a little secret...I never knew what that stood for, but I was too embarrased to ask and now I know, a random act of kindness! Cool!