Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Paint Rant & Movie Pick

Ok, so I have neglected to update on the painting... I wanted to calm a bit before I wrote. He quoted $1,000 for one coat and the final bill was $2,000 because it needed 2 coats. I only wish he stated that clearly in the beginning. Who doesn't do 2 coats of paint?? When is one coat enough? Keep in mind that this is not painting the trim or doors, walls only. I had to remove all of the switch and plug covers or he would just paint around/on them. Not a huge deal. He painted our master bathroom and removed the blinds, but then put them back up after and splattered paint on them. He wore his shoes everyday in my house. We have hard wood floors in the entire house, maybe that is why he thought it was ok. I asked him if he could wear another pair, but he didn't have any. AC was upset, as I, when we figured out how much this really cost us. Since we were paying, he went through when I was not home and marked the "Bad" areas with blue painters tape. Let me just say that I was shocked at the amount of tape!

AC left the check and the painter finished. Since he has been gone and I am cleaning, I realize what a lack of disrespect he had for our home. There is paint splats all over the floor and the trim, which is white. It is dissapointing to see that he didn't prevent the paint from getting on things.

The important part of all of this is that we learned a few lessons:

1. GET EVERTHING IN WRITING!!! Even the changes you make to the original agreement.

2. Find a respectable painter who will take the time to be sure they do not mess up your stuff. Do this by getting reccomendations from someone you trust and has seen the way the painter works.

3. If you do not want paint on something, get it out of the room!

Let's just say that I do not have a painter to recomended.

On a lighter side, I went to see Made of Honor on Friday! I thought is was a really good, cute, feel good movie! Now that is something that I will recomend!

I am excited because I am taking tomorrow off to attend the Mega Meet. I would describe the Mega Meet as being one giant Scrapbooking store. They have a ton of vendors, demo's, and classes that you can sign up for. I took 3 classes last year and was completely disapointed with them, so now I just go to shop, which is always fun. I always try to go on Thursday, because that is the day it opens. Have a good week!


Sandra Collins said...

man I would be so ticked with that painter - hope it all works out

can't wait to see that movie

Sarah C. said...

That's terrible about the painter. How rude of him. Glad to know you enjoyed the movie! And hope you have a great time at Mega Meet. :)

toners said...

Ugh, I'm so sorry that he left you such a mess to deal can be very difficult dealing with contractors.

Glad to hear the movie was fun, though, and be sure and update us on the Mega Meet!

Gabrielle said...

I am so sorry to hear about your painter! What a jerk! That is ALOT he missed, especially for that price. I would think it would be PERFECT!

I can't wait to see this movie!