Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Mehndi & Sangeet

Sunday (9-7-08)

We got up and went to GK to pick up my lehenga for the wedding, but the top was a little snug. They promise it will be ready at noon on Monday the day of the wedding. Ok, we get back to Praneet’s and Masi’s driver picked us up to take us to her house. Masi is the term for Mother’s sister. Masi and her family live in a very large home that is actually homes to 2 more families also. Masi married the oldest brother in a family and now the 2 younger brothers live in the same house. The thing is that they have a 3 level home, where each level is a complete house. Everybody has bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens and dining rooms as well as living/family rooms. Each family has kids, 15 people in total living there.
Time for Mehndi! What is Mehndi?
Courtesy of the InternetMehndi is the art of applying Henna on the body. It is a beautiful form of temporary body decoration. Mehndi is a traditional form of decoration for both men and women in countries such as India, Morocco, and Pakistan. It is generally used for special occasions, particularly weddings.”
Masi’s daughter, Sonam, gets much more detailed and elaborate work done because she is the bride.
Masi’s house was very full, so we are staying with her neighbor. Her neighbor has a beautiful home and lives just down the street, so we can walk back and forth. Below is the neighbors house.This evening is the Sangeet party.
Sangeet defined by wikipedia: “A Sangeet or Ladies Sangeet is an event in a Hindu or Sikh wedding. This event takes place 2 or 3 days before a wedding in a Banquet Hall or if a small affair, then at home. Ladies are the only people to take part in the event. Some men are there if they are close to the bride or groom. During this event ladies will sing traditional Indian songs, and joke around with guests. This event is also like a dinner and dance, because there is a lot of dancing and lots of food! The Sangeet is a good natured ribbing of the couples in-laws. Some Indian instruments like the dholki accompany the joking. The dholki is like a two-sided drum. The Sangeet is also a good time for the wedding guests to get acquainted with each other.”

I was only a foot taller than some of the women.
Me with the Brides Sister: Aman with Cha-Cha & Cha-Chi:
AC was not feeling well and had been sick to his stomach since the day before. No matter what he eats, he is sick. We took one last group shot and called it a night. I would compare this Sangeet party with a wedding reception here in the US. It was in a hall, decorated beautifully, catered and everything.


Linda said...

The Mehndi is so amazing! You look so pretty in your sari.

toners said...

Darcey, you look absolutely beautiful!!

Janet said...

I love the colors! And I have never seen the Mehndi. That is absolutely amazing.