Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Wedding

Monday (9-8-08)

I woke up late today and we had to run and pick up my clothes for the wedding. We waited at Masi’s house for over an hour for a driver to pick us up to get my clothes. This is very frustrating! We are used to having our own car and leaving anytime we want. I am also sick of not understanding anyone. Everyone speaks Hindi, not English. The kids in high school and college speak English, but not all of the adults. Like yesterday getting the mehndi done should have been fun, but when there is nobody to talk to it is kind of lonely.

We finally get our ride and get back in time to get ready for the wedding. AC is still sick and isn’t going to go. I get ready and walk down to Masi’s house. I notice when I get there that my foot is bleeding because of the new shoes. No big deal, 2 band-aids fixed that. AC’s dad is going to go and talk to him about not coming. I told him if he isn’t feeling well to just let him be. AC decides that he is going to ride with the neighbor, that we are staying with, to the wedding a bit later. Meanwhile, I am waiting for Mom and 2 Aunties to get ready. Finally we are all ready and now waiting for a ride to the wedding. If you couldn't tell India is testing my patience.

I should have mentioned that this is not like a wedding in the US where they say get there at 2:00 and the wedding starts at 2 no matter what. It is 8:30ish and we get to the wedding. It is outside and huge. Everything is decorated so beautifully. My photos do not do it justice. There were 2,000 people there! The actual ceremony starts at a pre-determined time according to the stars (astrology). This wedding will take place sometime after 1 am. Most people will not stay to see the ceremony. It was really hot, so people turned the fans to face me, so I wouldn’t be as hot. Nice People. My heals sunk into the grass every time I stepped, so I took them off for a while. Then I saw someone spit on the ground and decided that it was time to put them back on. My outfit was really heavy and hot, so I took the wrap off and tried to get away without it.

The groom showed up on a horse with his family, then some of the family members trade garlands, welcoming each other to their family. The father's trade garlands then Uncles and so on. The groom is then lead to the stage to sit and wait for the bride to come out.

Poor guy, it was hot!

Mom & Masi

AC & Dad (The men in the brides family wear these when the groom comes in)

The Beautiful Bride
Walking to the stage to be with her Groom The Bride and Groom, now they pose with everyone for pictures and then the ceremony is in the middle of the night.
AC's Grandmother, eldest living relative in India

We left before the ceremony. Everything was very nice and beautiful:)


Anonymous said...

Wow! What great pictures. I love the bride's outfit, so pretty. It's wonderful to have a peak at another culture, I find it fascinating.

Joanie said...

I am really enjoying your travel stories. The pictures are amazing! Thanks for sharing them. I am visiting India vicariously through your eyes! :)

toners said...

Wow! What beautiful photos! I loooove all the bright colors!

Anonymous said...

Oh man, how fun. I am so jealous of the beautiful clothes (you look great!). Those head things the guys are wearing though ... pretty funny, like a wacky gangster. So, it was that hot even at night? These posts are great! :) Lisa

Benita said...

I'm loving all of your pictures from your trip! And what a beautiful wedding! The colors are gorgeous!

Janet said...

Wow, wow! The colors are just stunning! I can imagine it must have been breathtakingly beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing all of this, Darcey!