Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Boring Afternoon

I finished watching Dexter Season 1 & 2. It is a boring day at work, but I get to leave in 45 minutes. It is 49 degrees and windy here today. We had leftovers last night for dinner, so I really need to go to the grocery store today. We are liking the new fridge and also enjoying the old one in the garage. We have put the stuff that we don't use everyday in the garage fridge and now our new fridge looks organized. We moved the old fridge around in the garage last night, so that my car would fit better. We watched The Big Bang Theory and How I Met Your Mother last night. After the shows I went through some files in our office. I brought a huge bag of papers to work to shred today. We have a large shredder at work, so it is much faster to shred at work. I am going to a 12 hr crop on Saturday. I am excited about that. I need to start getting my photos and paper together, that way I am prepared. It is so funny to see how much stuff some people bring to the crops. I try to only pack what I am going to use. Also if I know my friend is bringing something I leave mine at home. I haven't worked on my Week in the Life project yet. I get so lazy after work. The evenings seem to go by so fast after work. AC has a golf lesson after work tonight. Not much happening here. Hope your week is going good;)


toners said...

Ooooh! A 12-hour crop sounds like fun! Have a fabulous time!

Glad you are enjoying your new fridge :)