Thursday, October 9, 2008

Tagged: Six Secrets

Almost Friday! It is weird not taking photos of everything like last week. I participated in Ali Edwards Week in the Life project. It was fun to take photos of everything and write all the details of your days. Ali has completed her project and of course, it is awesome! You can see Ali's here. I have developed all of my photos, but haven't scrapped them yet.

Linda and Sarah tagged me for "six secrets"

  • I miss my apartment. Only because I could clean it so much quicker than the house we have now. I use to clean all the time, but I hate it now.
  • I want a mastiff puppy. See photos below...

  • My in-laws we really against my relationship with AC, in the beginning. Now you would never know that there were any problems. If only I had been blogging then!
  • I am in the process of watching Dexter Season 1 at work.
  • I try to avoid cooking or grocery shopping like the flu.
  • I am obsessed with purchasing scrapbook supplies! There is always something new to checkout and I always love it! I think that I have been doing better this year.

I am going out with the Girls tomorrow night. We are having dinner and seeing a movie. Have a great day!


Sarah C. said...

Glad you played along! I miss apt living too when it comes to yardwork. LOL Sometimes I love it, but some days it's just more to do.

I understand the in-laws. I'm sure mine didn't like me when we started dating, but I've either grown on them or they've realized they are stuck with me. :D
Things are much better now. Glad yours like you better too!

Lily said...

thanks for the fun facts!

Janet said...

Apartments are much easier to keep clean! I'm with you on that, and the cooking thing! Although if I don't do it, it doesn't get done. :-) I love that dog! I can see why you would want one!

toners said...

Fun facts about you!! I hear you about the apartments...I remember the days when I could clean in just an hour! LOL! And the puppy looks adorable!

Linda said...

Those dogs are so cute! I can see why you would want one. And I love Dexter too, I need to catch up with last season. Enjoy your night out!

Tricia M. said...

OMG....that dog is HUGE! I hope Otto doesn't get that (our new German Shepard)