Sunday, March 2, 2008

Sweet 16 & Mess

Happy Sweet 16th Birthday Emily!
My sister turned 16 today:) We went out for dinner to celebrate and then back to our house for ice cream cake. Here is a picture of Ashley, Me, and Emily.

The 2 Peas Challenge~ Share something you were able to created this weekend.

Like my other posts mention, I have lots of homework to do. I am getting burned out with it. I will be all done on March 17th!! Anyway, despite not having much time, I did create this...

In case you are unsure of what I created... A MESS that's what it is!! Since reading The Organized & Inspired Scrapbooker I have decided to get all of my stuff organized. The last picture shows a large cabinet with lots of drawers, I got it in November, and have not put anything in it yet! I am trying to label the drawers and get my stuff together. I have a crop on Saturday, so hopefully I can get some stuff together for that. I have an Ikea Expedite that I took all my products out of and now begins the clean, sort, and label process. I have so much stuff, but I still feel the need to buy, especially when the coupons come from the scrapbook stores around here. Sometimes I think I am just a collector of supplies.

Hope you had a good weekend. Thanks for reading.


Sarah C. said...

Happy 16th birthday to your sister! :)

I think I'm a collector of scrapbook supplies too. ;) Been challenging myself lately to use what I have instead of buying more as I'm running out of space in my little room. Best of luck with the reorganization!

toners said...

Happy birthday to your sister! What a cute photo! And yes, I admit it...I am also a supply collector :) Are you enjoying the book?

Heather said...

Great pictures! I knew what you created as soon as I saw the pictures! I'm good at creating those too! Good luck with your reorganization! I need to tackle that task in my craft room too!

Linda said...

Happy birthday to your sister!

I thought it was a mess when I first saw the photo and then laughed when I read you entry. Sounds like something I would do. Good luck getting it organized.

Gabrielle said...

You have a great space! The fun part is organizing it! :)