Sunday, March 30, 2008

Vet Trip & Baby Shower

The weekend is over. Time really flies. WOW it is supposed to be 57 degrees tomorrow in Michigan! I will believe it when I feel it.

Busy weekend, on Friday a bunch of girls got together and we hung out, talked, ate, and watched a movie. Saturday I took my Tiger, to the vet. Tiger is 4 and he needed a couple of shots. The humane society gives a rabies shot that is good for 3 years, the Cat Care Vet that I now go to told me that they do not put the additives in their Rabies shot that the humane does because they lead to cancer, so their shot is only good for 1 year. Anyone ever hear this?

Then they told me that indoor and outdoor cats get heart worm just like dogs. I do not have a dog, but the only chance to cure heart worm is open heart surgery to remove the worms!! Mosquito's bite cats also, which is how they get it. The nurse laid the ground work for the discussion but she "didn't want to scare me." Then when the doctor came in she completed the sale. They also told me that as many indoor cats get heart worm as outside cats! Yikes! I better buy the pills! After a while later at home, AC laughed at me, and we decided that the same number of cats that get HW is probably very low. We also discovered that their sales technique was the same. I have not researched anything about Rabies shots or heart worm in cats, but plan to. Anyone have experience with these things?

Poor Tiger was crying all the way to the vet, it is close thank god! He was panting and had sweaty paws because he was so stressed. Poor kitty!

Saturday evening I went to a baby shower for my co-worker. She is due June 1st and this is her second baby. The shower was really small, with mainly her immediate family and 2 co-workers.
We had big plans for Sunday but were lazy and didn't accomplish much. I decided that I would like to have a life this next semester, so I decided to drop one class, so that I am only taking 2. Who needs the extra stress? Hope you had a good weekend!


toners said...

I haven't heard of those things from the vet seems that the guidelines are always changing, doesn't it? And good for you with lightening up your schedule for next semester :)

Sarah C. said...

My two cats are only allowed supervised outdoor time in our fenced backyard. I use Frontline & Heartguard during the warm months (speaking of which, I need to start those again). My vet also will only do the 1 year rabies. I don't that any of that answered your questions other than to say - you aren't alone in what you are being told by the vet.