Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Winter Storm Watch

We are getting the snow! Lots of it outside and it is blowing like crazy! I am glad that I don't have to go anywhere. Currently under a Winter Storm Watch...

I got my haircut last night and stopped at Archiver's, JoAnns, and Michaels. It is nice every now and then to make the stops and check out what they all have. I went to the dentist tonight for my 6 month cleaning. I love how the dentist talks to you while cleaning your teeth. At my dentist office the dentist himself does all of the work. He has 2 ladies that work for him and they handle the phones and clean tools. So today he was using a grinding tool/sander of some kind and was having a whole conversation without me saying anything. After he stopped I told him that I couldn't hear him, because of the noise. I don't think it bothered him at all.

I stopped at Pei Wei to pick up carry out for dinner. I got the hot & sour soup and sweet & sour chicken. I don't think I will go back. The chicken had hardly any sauce, dry chicken no good. The soup tasted different than I am used to also. They just opened not that long ago, maybe they are still working on it.

I am going to a crop on Saturday!! My sister is able to come also. I am looking forward to it. I decided last night at 11 pm to go into my scraproom and I did a few organizing things and got to bed around 1:30 am! Late for me. I usually watch Two and a Half Men at 11 pm and go to bed after that. I really love that show.
The 2Peas blog challenge~ What five things in life give you joy?

1. My Family
2. My Cats
3. My House
4. My LLS (Local Scrapbook Store)
5. Knowing that I only have 1 more semester left!

Speaking of school I have a presentation to put together and then a case study to do. I am now so glad that I waited until now to start the case study, I say sarcastically. I also have 4 exams and the normal homework to do! 3 classes and this much work! One more semester left. One more semester left. One more semester left. One more semester left. One more semester left.


Benita said...

I love that show, too! Hilarious! We're getting the same winter storm right now :( When is Spring getting here??? Stay warm & dry!

toners said...

Awesome list Darcey!! You are so lucky having just one semester left :) Keep warm!

jp said...

Great list! And I'm loving that picture of Cupcake! :-)

Linda said...

Great list, stay warm!