Sunday, December 14, 2008

Canterbury Village

Sunday night, my favorite night of TV! Desperate Housewives and Brothers & Sisters.

Weekend Re-Cap...

On Friday evening AC was going to play poker, so we met some friends for dinner quickly before he had to go. On Saturday we went to Canterbury Village to get into the holiday spirit. Canterbury Village is one of the biggest Christmas stores in the world. I like to see all of the different trees & ornaments.

After a couple of hours there we called Amit to see what he was doing and he was going to visit Gaurav. We decided to pick up Amit and headed to Ann Arbor.

Gaurav has one more semester at U of M and then he will have his Bachelors in Economics and Political Science. Gaurav told the funniest story... When he was getting ready for a Mock Trial event he went to get his suit out of the dry cleaning bag and realized that they had mixed up the items and put his mom's pants with his suit. He had no choice but to wear them. He will never live this down. He was going to an Ugly Sweater party on Saturday evening...

Today I got up and made Peanut Butter Temptations... A recipe right off the Reeses Peanut Butter Cups bag! They were great!

Anita & J took us out for our birthdays. We went to Crust, a pizza place by our house. We had never been there, it was good. Hope you had a good weekend and have a great week:)

AC has a phone interview on Tuesday with a company from Chicago, then on Wednesday he is flying to New York for an interview with a different company. Please keep your fingers crossed!


toners said...

Fingers crossed for your hubby this week, for sure! What great photos these are...definitely a way to get into the Christmas spirit :) The cookies look DELICIOUS!

Joanie said...

Fingers are crossed for the interviews, but would that mean you would have to move to Chicago or New York? :(