Monday, December 29, 2008

Is it Over Yet?

Our holiday events are now coming to an end. On Sunday we went to Northville for brunch with our friends Ajay & Aditi. They have the cutest little boy, Jadin. He fell asleep in his high chair while eating a banana. He was just a little tired & it was nap time:)
After that we went to Milford to see Denise's side of the family. Kids grow up so fast, especially when you haven't seen them in years.
Today our friend Brad turned 35! We went out to dinner with him & his family, then back to his parents house for cake & ice cream.
I have this week off and love it! I love having this break from work. Hope you are having a good week.


Janet said...

Enjoy the time off! Happy New Year to you, your DH and your kitties!

Linda said...

Enjoy the rest of your time off. Happy New Year!