Monday, December 22, 2008

Snow Day

It has been a while!

AC made it home from DC. The interview is re-scheduled for January 5th. Last Friday I had my first snow day in 10+ years! We got about 8 inches of snow and the roads were in poor condition. I live so close that I figure I have to make it in. I was told to call the office in the morning and when I called I was told not to come in! How exciting! It was a nice lazy day at home. AC used the snow blower and cleaned out our neighbors as well.

On Saturday we went out for dinner and then to the mall. We were originally going to dinner and a movie, but I wanted to go to the mall. I bought AC a few things for Christmas, so I picked out a few items for him to get me.

On Sunday AC's family came over and we had brunch. His brothers stayed most of the day to play Wii and watch football. I ran a few errands in the morning. Sunday was so cold. It was 1 degree and 20 below with the wind chill. Today it was 20 degrees.

I have to work tomorrow and that is it until January 5th! Work today was about empty, most people took Monday & Tuesday off. I have a lot to do this time of year, mostly because we close until Jan 5th, so I need to get payroll done ahead of time. Then update information to prepare for 2009.

On Saturday I decided to make some cards to give as Christmas gifts. I used only scraps and so far have make 38! I always buy so much paper that I always have at least one full sheet plus more remaining. I also scanned some layouts I finished recently:

Have a wonderful, happy & safe Holiday! Thanks for reading!


Linda said...

Great layouts. Enjoy your long vacation and try to stay warm. Happy Holidays!

Janet said...

Beautiful LO's! I see some of my favorite paper! lol

Have a wonderful holiday, Darcey!

toners said...


Enjoy the break - you soooo deserve it :)