Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Yard Work & Stitches

This past weekend weekend we went to My Dad's to celebrate birthdays. Jacob turned 8 & Josh turned 11. Denise always makes the coolest cakes!
I had a statistics exam last night. I am hoping for a huge curve! Tonight after work I had some extra energy, so I decided to go to Home Depot and get a pair of hedge trimmers. I got home and started working in the front yard getting all of the hostas and other plans cut down for winter. I also trimmed our tree. While trimming I tried to cut a large branch and ended up taking a small chunk out of the blade, so the trimmers would only close half way. Great, broke already! I went inside and asked AC to fix it for me. He came out to the garage and I went to pick up the branches. A few minutes later I came around into the garage and I must have been enough of a distraction, because AC cut his thumb. He went inside and I fixed the trimmer myself by standing on it. A little while later AC came back outside to tell me that he thinks he needs stitches. Off to Rochester Urgent Care we go. There wasn't anyone else there, so we didn't have to wait long at all. He got 4 stitches.The cut is below his finger nail straight down the knuckle. Since we were there I got a flu shot. This is the first time I have gotten one, hope it works.


Michelle said...

Ouch, I hope AC is okay. Poor guy.
Your brothers are looking more and more like your dad the older they get.