Tuesday, June 17, 2008


I am really bored at work today. It sure is quiet without my 2 co-workers. I do miss chatting with them. A bunch of others are on vacation this week, so it is quiet anyway. I bought some scrapbooking product to make 4th of July cards. I haven't started, but looking forward to that. Archiver's is having an Acrylic Album 2 class in July. I am going to sign up since the last class sold out to quickly. My good friend Tracy is graduating with her Masters from Walsh this weekend. I am so excited for her. Her boyfriend is throwing a party for her. I made her something last night, but can't talk about it until she has it. I ordered a new bathing suit from Lands End yesterday. Bathing suits are so expensive and you have to buy them in early spring so that you get the suit you want! AC has an Uncle & Aunt from India coming here on Thursday. While they are in the US they want to go to Las Vegas. They are going to go for a week. A family wedding is taking place in September in India, my in-laws are going and want AC and I to come also. They say the minimum amount of time that you can go is for 2 weeks, just because it takes so long to get there. I am scared of the 2 weeks. I like my house and will miss my cats. But AC's family is there and he hasn't been there in 10+ years, so we need to go sometime.


Sarah C. said...

I love Lands End bathing suits. That's where my last 3 have come from. They are pricey, but last forever.

Everyone I know with family in India takes 2wks to a month when they go. Makes sense considering how long the trip is. Is the wedding one of the 7-day ones? DH's best friend's was. We celebrated with them at a reception they had here about a month later.

Janet, aka JP said...

Lands End is the best for that kind of stuff. Great quality.

I think it would be awesome to go to India! Hopefully you can find someone to take good care of your kitties while you're gone!

Benita said...

Wow, going to India would be a great vacation!

I've never purchased anything from Lands End before....may just have to check them out as I could use a new swimsuit, too.

What day are you taking the class at Archivers? I've been wanting to do an acrylic album, but have no idea where to start.

Hope you have a great week :)

toners said...

My suit is also from Lands End - I love it because you can order the pieces separately to fit.

The acrylic album samples at Archiver's here are gorgeous - have fun at the class!

I can definitely understand the need to go for 2 weeks to India; our trips to the UK only feel worth it if we're there for 10 days or so because of the jet lag. I can also understand not wanting to leave furbabies too though :)