Sunday, June 8, 2008

Still here

I am not trying to make this a habit, but it has been a while since I have blogged. I hope all of the 1,000's of loyal readers are still stopping by:)

I have been going through some big changes at work. The company I work for was sold and two of my co-workers were let go. I am going to miss them. I have been working for this company for 11 years. Two of my co-workers were the owners daughters. The owner passed away last year and the company was just sold. The new owner has been working with us for 5 years. I am excited to see the new changes and developments that will take place at the company. However I will miss the girls. On the plus side I get more office space! I was working on moving around the office on Friday and still have a bunch more to do this week.

AC has been at home the last 2 weeks healing from his knee surgery. He will be going back to work tomorrow. My semester is almost over. I finished one class on Friday night and need to have a paper turned in by midnight tomorrow. Still working on the paper.

My friend Anita had her baby shower yesterday. I was her un-official shower photographer. I took about 170 photos. I hope she likes them.

Have a good week.


Sarah C. said...

Sounds like some positive changes at work. Good luck finishing your paper and hope AC has a good first day back. :)

Gabrielle said...

Good luck at work, I hope everything settles nicely.

The photo is gorgeous, I'm sure the pictures are SUPER and she will be very pleased! :)

toners said...

Those are some big changes at work! I hope your paper is coming along OK...I have a school break starting next Monday through the third week in July and can't wait!

Anita looks absolutely glowing...beautiful photo!