Monday, June 30, 2008

New Car & Detroit Tiger's

This past Thursday I picked up my car! I got a 2008 Bright Red Dodge Charger, and I love it!
Here are some pics from last Wednesday of Cupcake playing with her orange squeaky mouse.

She loves the mouse! Tiger just sits back and watches her. I broke down on Friday and bought an iTouch iPod. I like to have it in the car to listen to. I sent in both mine and AC's passports along with our visa applications last Monday (6/23) and on Friday (6/27) I received our visa's. What a quick turnaround! We haven't booked our tickets yet.

On Friday, I met friends for dinner and darts at a bar in Waterford. On Saturday I got my haircut and went to the Tiger's game with my bil (brother in law) Amit. Here are some photos from the game. We won and had a good time.

I spent Sunday doing yard work and laundry. AC got home from his golf outing weekend around 8 pm. He played a total of 99 holes of golf starting Thursday night and ending Sunday afternoon. He had a good time and is already looking forward to next year. Hope everyone had a good weekend!


Sarah C. said...

Darcey, what an awesome new car! Looks like so much fun especially w/ that new iPod to keep the music flowing. :) Cupcake is adorable. Must be a yummy mouse. ;) Glad you had a fun weekend and WOW! super fast turnaround on those visas.

toners said...

Happy new car!!! And what great photos of Cupcake...kitty photos just don't get old to look at :)

Yeah for the speedy return of your passports! And the photos of you and your hubby are so cute! Your hair is great!

Linda said...

Enjoy your new car! Sounds like you had a great weekend!

Michelle said...

I love your new car. So sporty looking.
Cute pictures of cupcake. If you ever decide you want a dog let me know I have one here you can have!
I jealous, I want an ipod touch. I have a nano which I love but I think I would really love the touch.
And what is that cute purse you are sporting at the tigers game? hmm, I don't recall ever seeing that. I seriously have had my eye on a bag like that for 2 or more years now but haven't done antyhing about it. Looks like I'll have to drowl over yours!

See you later,

Benita said...

Congrats on the Charger! That's the same color as mine (TorRed), but mine is a Daytona R/T, # 20 of only 2,000 made :) And thanks for supporting my dh's job ;)

Janet said...

Wow...your car is so cute! It's very sporty and eyecatching! Love the pics of Cupcake playing, too! ;-)

Gabrielle said...

Love the new car! FUN!

Love all the pics of your kitty too! :) Looks like you had fun at the game.