Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Re-Cap of the last week...

On Thursday AC's Uncle and Aunt (from India) got into town. I went over to the in-laws bearing fruit and flowers to visit. On Friday I went out to dinner with a bunch of girlfriends. They were going to see Sex and the City, but I passed since I had already seen it. AC was at his mom & dad's for dinner and to visit his Aunt and Uncle. I met a friend up at CJ's and met AC at home later. On Saturday AC had a golf lesson and later on in the evening we went to a graduation party for my dear friend Tracy. Tracy and Me:

Tracy graduated from Walsh with her Masters. We are so proud of her. We had fun visiting with friends and her family. AC and Me:

My gift to Tracy was a photo book I made on the Kodak Gallery website. It was a bunch of photos of the two of us on trips and just hanging out. It turned out good and she really liked it. I have a book of quotes for scrapbooking and I used a bunch of Friend quotes in the book. "Will we be friends forever, asked Piglet. Even Longer answered Pooh." I put that on the first page. Neither of us have a thing for pooh, but I liked the quote.

On Saturday morning I went to the Chrysler dealership to test drive a few cars. My lease is up soon and I can turn it in early. I drove a Charger and a Journey. I like the Charger, but the Journey is too much like a mini-van. If I don't have children or 2 big dogs, I can not have a mini-van or anything like it. On Monday I went to a Pontiac dealer and drove the G8 and the Grand Prix. I really didn't like either of them. I checked with Ford, but the price for an Escape is more than the Charger. So, I am leaning toward the Charger. I am lucky enough to have a Mother who is able to get discounts at each of the dealers mentioned above. I am waiting for her to call me with a Chrysler number as we speak.

On Sunday, we had Anita & Jason over for brunch around 11 am. Then Jason, who is a landscaper, went over our front yard with us. Basically all of the bushes and shrubs are overgrown and too big to be by the house. Jason got a quote to us and I asked him to add on some more areas. I am looking forward to him starting.

On Sunday evening we had AC's family along with the Aunt and Uncle over for dinner. I got lucky because we ordered in, Thai and Pizza. Everything was good and everyone had a nice time.

Ashley came over last night and spent the night. We went to Outback for dinner, Friday's for dessert and to Wal-Mart for a couple books. AC is coming home tonight and getting ready to leave on Thursday for a major golf weekend. My in-laws are leaving on Thursday for a week in LasVegas. Not much going on this weekend.


Michelle said...

Thanks for your help. We set one up for Keegan.
I love the picture of you and AC. You guys look great in it. YOu are getting smaller and smaller everytime I see you.


toners said...

You have had a busy few days! The photo of you and your hubby is adorable :) You look so cute together! Good luck with the car shopping!

Sarah C. said...

Sounds like a busy, but fun week! Great photos. :) I bet that book was quite the hit.

Benita said...

Get the Charger, get the CHARGER :) You will LOVE it! I have a 2006 Daytona R/T Charger & it's my pride & joy :) And besides, you'll be supporting my dh's job ;)